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Fishing Report Posted: April 16, 2002

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Posted by John Nagy on April 16, 2002 at 00:40:58:

Steelhead Report (by John Nagy) (4/14/02):

The Ohio spring run of Little Manistee strain steelhead is in full gear right now helped by excellent run-off from spring rains. The above photos of Buck McCarthy of Cockeysville, Md (ball cap) and Scott Kozlowski of Boulder, Colorado (knit cap) attest to this! Both fly anglers were guided by John Nagy on Conneaut Creek and Ashtabula River respectively in early to mid April. Buck’s steelie was a big spawning “hen”, while Scott’s was a male or “buck” steelhead. Both fish were caught using floating indicators in deep pools and runs with tandem flies (egg patterns and bead-head nymphs). Previous to landing that big hen, Buck battled a huge male steelie (caught at the same spot as the hen) but lost it after a good half-hour fight! With the continuing spring rains expect the hot action to continue in Ohio’s Lake Erie tributaries (Vermillion River, Rocky River, Chagrin River, Ashtabula River and Conneaut Creek). The Grand River in Ohio has continually run high and muddy most of late winter and so far this spring. If it finally gets down to a fishable level (less than 600 CFS) expect some Little Manistee steelhead to be in the river into early May. In the mean time, concentrate on the feeders of the Grand…..they have been hot all spring. The Pennsylvania steelhead fishing has been slow with no major spring runs of steelies…..but don’t count Pa out yet. Expect some fresh steelies to sneak into Pa tributaries this month (especially the lower reaches of Elk, Walnut and Crooked Creeks) if the good spring rains and run-off continues.

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