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Fishing Report Posted: September 30, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 30, 2007 at 17:38:45:

Perch, Perch and more Perch ! We have been having a very productive fall season thus far aboard "The Trophy" catching Lake Erie gold, the tasty Yellow Perch. When it comes to the best eating fresh water fish, it's hard to beat a Lake Erie Perch dinner or sandwich. Maybe that's why if you can even find it in the supermarket, it commands a $14.99 a pound price tag. Never mind what it costs you in a restaurant or diner and you only get a couple 2-3 pieces. And I guarantee it is not anywhere near as fresh as the fish that we send down the road !

We have had very nice weather for the most part this fall to work with as well. Just like this entire season, long stretches of bad weather have been non existent. Sure, we have had the occasional one day blow here and there but not enough to screw anything up. The lake hasn't even turned over yet, which usually happens in mid September. This is a phenomenon where after a big blow the warm water on the surface mixes with the cold water below the thermocline. It usually screws the fishing up for a few days.

And with this stable weather and the lake not flipping, even the Walleyes are still hanging around ! Although I have only been running Perch trips myself, I have seen very many nice cooler fulls of Walleye still coming in. The word among the Walleye fisherman is that they are super, super deep now. We're talking right on the bottom in 65 to 70 foot of water. Although I would be interested in running a Walleye trip should someone request it, I am perfectly content chasing Perch now that I have started doing so, especially after running Walleye trips day after day for 6 months now !

My October schedule is very light at this point. If anybody is interested in a fun filled day of catching Lake Erie gold, I would be more then happy to welcome you aboard "The Trophy" for a late season day on the water. Remember, old man winter is just around the corner now and the opportunity to do a trip still this year is fast slipping away ! As always, I can be reached directly on my cell phone (216) 387-2656 for a list of what is still available or to secure a day. I have to go now..., I'm going to go back now and have a Perch sandwich. Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm !!!

Capt. Walt

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