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Fishing Report Posted: September 15, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 15, 2007 at 14:17:13:

It's Perch time ! Well "The Trophy" has gone from a offshore trolling vessel to a somewhat closer, anchored bottom fishing platform. I almost forgot how much fun it was to just throw out the anchor, kick back and jerk Perch. It sure is allot less stressful then fighting all the things that I have to deal with on a trolling trip. And to make things even sweeter, the Perch are on FIRE !!

This past week we ran our first few Perch trips along with what seemingly may have been my last couple of Walleye trips for the year. At least on the books, I only have Perch trips scheduled from here on out although the Walleye fishing was still so good that I may try to squeeze another Walleye trip or two in the next week or so if anyone would be interested in trying it one more time.

Thursday Sept.13th was the last Walleye trip that I took out. We headed out with not much certainty as to what to expect after loosing Tue.and gale force winds and forecasted waves to 14 feet ! And absolutely nothing changed. We killed the Walleyes pretty much where we had left off about 15 miles offshore. It was fast and furious. Nice fish too. The junk fish such as the White Bass and Sheephead weren't bad either. A nice way to end the Walleye season if indeed that turns out to be my last one.

We have a lot of open dates now as we enter the fall season. Perch fishing is already great and will only get better as the water cools and the true Jumbo Perch start to move in and turn on. Walleye was still good this past week but we are dangerously close to that time of year around here where the Walleye fishing seems to go from really good to crap almost overnight. Still though, anyone interested in whatever trip can call me as always directly on my cell 216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

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