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Fishing Report Posted: September 03, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 03, 2007 at 20:08:57:

It's now September ! We have five full months of Walleye fishing behind us now and only about two weeks of Walleye trips left before we make the switch over to our Perch charters for the remainder of the year. As in all of the previous years, it's hard for me to comprehend where the time has gone. It's been quite a ride this year though, with the Walleye fishing consistently just about as good as it gets day after day after day for us aboard "The Trophy" I just can't believe it's about over.

The last week or so has seen some sanity return to our fishing as a lot of the fish have dramatically moved back north towards the Canadian border making it a lot tougher to get on and stay on the fish, especially if it is rough out. We've also been plagued with nuisance Sheephead and White Bass in incredible amounts on some days. Still, in between whatever the lake throws at us we've been consistently pulling limit after limit of beautiful Walleyes and the occasional Steelhead Trout. I can not remember the last time that we did not "get them all" !

We sure had our share of thunderstorms that we had to navigate around the last couple of weeks of August. I was so thankful that I had all of the Raymarine electronics that I have on board to help me make educated decisions as to whether it was safe to cast off or not or if we were already out, whether to keep fishing or not. It sure impressed a lot of my customers as we tracked heavy bands of thunderstorms almost daily with the state of the art Sirius weather service displayed on my Raymarine E-120. We also would track the closer squalls on the regular Raymarine boat radar. Never a dull moment out on the big lake, especially when you are out 20+ miles offshore.

As I mentioned earlier, Perch season is now just around the corner. Others have already started to Perch and are doing EXCELLENT ! Anyone interested in a Perch trip with me aboard "The Trophy" can call me directly on my boat/cell number: (216) 387-2656. As of this report, we have the following open dates available in September: Sept. 19th or 20th for either a Walleye or Perch trip. Then the last week of Sept. we have Sept. 25th and 27th available for preferably a Perch trip. October still has a lot of open dates left. For a complete up to the minute list of what is available please call me at the above mentioned number or drop me a e-mail at

Capt. Walt

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