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Fishing Report Posted: August 18, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 18, 2007 at 15:27:24:

What an awesome, awesome last couple of weeks we've had in an awesome, awesome season ! Just when you think it just can not get any better, it has. There is nowhere you can go now without stopping over millions of Walleyes. Literally. Throw away your GPS, your fishfinder and your chartplotters. It just doesn't matter. It really don't . Run out 5 miles, 10 miles or 20 miles and start fishing. It's just that easy right now, they are there. We are really just now realizing how monsterous the record hatch of 2003 must have been. These 4 year old fish are simply everywhere ! I don't even know where they have all been holding up till now but I know that the central basin from Fairport to Conneaut right now is polluted with fish

Aboard "The Trophy" we've been going just about as fast and non stop as we can go from the moment we first start to set lines till the last Walleye is netted. I just simply can not even catch my breath. There is always half a dozen or so things that need my immediate attention constantly. And even though I get all my crews heavily involved in running and setting the lines, it really has been overwhelming. There is almost always constantly 2, 3, 4 and sometimes even more fish on at the same time. It's a fine act of juggling people around, netting fish and still be running lines back out so that you are not caught with no lines in the water. I am very happy with how well all my crews have handled all the mass organized chaos. We truly have worked well together.

We are still catching some monster Walleyes but the bulk of the fish are just the nice average sized eaters, maybe 18 to 22 inches. It just doesn't get any better for table fare. And the occasional Steelhead Trout is still showing up almost on a daily basis just to add a twist of excitement to the almost out of control fun. The junk fish such as the Sheephead are also starting to become a bit of a problem. Still though, we deal with it and move on. Most trips we have been back before noon. It has been very nice to be wrapped up and done before the extreme August afternoon heat kicks in. This has been a special year. It will not always be like this so we have to enjoy it while we can. It could all change in a matter of days.

And it don't even seem possible but it's already time to start thinking about and booking your Jumbo Perch trips for late next month and all of October. As good as the Walleye fishing is right now off of Ashtabula, we only have about a month to go before switching over for the last part of our season. And even in past record good years, when it's over around here, it's over. As fast as these fish show up in record numbers, they also disappear. I do not like to book Walleye trips any later then I am confident that we can do well. This usually occurs in late Sept. We just switch over to Perch for about 6 weeks and then call it a year. Anyone interested in a Perch Charter can call me at 216-387-2656. Maybe I'll be able to finally catch my breath ! Naw !!

Capt. Walt

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