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Fishing Report Posted: August 02, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 02, 2007 at 19:34:35:

It's August, it's hot and the Walleye fishing is on fire! We are now officially in the "dog days of summer" and August is starting out as it should. The heat and humidity has made the lazy, hazy day's of summer out on the water a tee shirt soaking event but the Walleyes don't seem to care! Aboard "The Trophy" we are continuing to pound on the Walleyes everyday. In fact, this season is going to break all of my previous records if this pace carries on. Rare is the day where we haven't been able to limit out with ease.

There is no one spot now that we are relying on as more and more schools of hungry feeding Walleyes are setting up shop in the deeper, cooler waters offshore of Ashtabula for this hot part of summer. Water temp's are now around 75 degrees yet the Walleyes that we are pulling in from 50 to 60 foot level below the surface are nice and cold. Tons of baitfish are showing up now, especially the Smelt and the Walleyes are in a literal feeding frenzy with their metabolism in high gear!

Aboard "The Trophy" we are relying heavily on the old Storm deep diving Jr. Thunderstick. This lure is identical in size and shape to the Lake Erie Smelt. When you hold each in hand, it's easy to see why the Walleyes are so easily fooled. Best colors for us as always seem to me the metallic colors with gold's and silvers seemingly the very best. Copper spoons on the riggers and divers are also doing very well. Everything is now set super deep for these hungry Walleyes and that means a lot of cranking but as I tell all my groups, "more winding and less whining

It is especially vital with this heat to get off the dock bright and early and that means you need to be loaded up and ready to roll no later then 5:30 a.m.if you have a trip booked with us. The fish are a good ways offshore now so there is a considerable amount of travel time. We want to arrive at the fishing grounds just as dawn is breaking so that we can cash in on the early morning heavy bite and try to be off the lake before the heat of the afternoon becomes unbearable. So far, almost all of my groups have been very good about showing up very early all bright eyed and ready to go fishing. That gets us out and fishing when the walleyes are biting like crazy and others are still waiting for their charters to show up! Thanks for helping me look good !!

Capt. Walt

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