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Fishing Report Posted: June 11, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 11, 2007 at 06:53:23:

Limits! Limits! Limits! Wow, it took exactly one trip since we came back from Port Clinton ( which that one trip did not go badly either, mind you ) before we returned to doing what we had done everyday up at the islands this spring. And that is limit out with ease each and every trip since. Simply amazing how many Walleye are in the lake right now. We have fished a different water depth every day this past week and it mattered little ! We have caught limits of fish everyday and have done so anywhere from 30 foot of water clear to the 60 foot range.

Aboard "The Trophy" we have been hanging around Ashtabula Harbor but I know for a fact that the entire south shore of Lake Erie is on fire with the Walleyes. Conneaut, Geneva and Fairport Harbor have all been excellent with the bulk of the guys fishing in close and crushing the "Eyes" We are still on a Jet Diver and planer board program and the shorter leads have worked great with the fish that are actively feeding suspended in the top twenty foot of water. We are seeing deeper fish but they are reluctant to go yet.

Big Dipsy divers on a 3 1/2 setting about 70-80 foot back with little Stinger spoons have also been hot for us along with the inside divers at a 2 1/2 setting about 50-60 foot back. Best colors have been anything metallic with copper colored lures being our number one producer. We have not even had enough time to be bothered with trying to run the down riggers each day. They will however have a role to play in our arsenal once the fish start to move out and start to drop down deeper. I love it when the riggers start to work !

We have one prime open date still available for the first week of July and that is Friday, July the 6th. Anyone that may be interested in it can call me at any time on my mobile number, 216-387-2656. Information about this Ashtabula charter can be found thru out the website. Also we are available for afternoon, slightly shorter trips although with us limiting out regularly thus far this summer, this has been a non issue. These trips are ideally suited for folks that are a bit more local and can be at the boat earlier should we finish up earlier on my day run. We stay in touch by phone and set up a departure time accordingly for that particular day. The only thing that I ask is to keep the party size to 4 or less for my second trip of the day. It's a little more personal for you and easier on me after having been out once already that day. Fishing right now is as good as it gets !

Capt. Walt

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