ODNR Fishing Report for 6/27/2006: Eastern, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: June 27, 206

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Posted by ODNR on June 27, 206 at 22:32:40:

Central Basin

Walleye fishing in the central basin has been good. Fish have been caught 3 miles offshore from Vermilion to Lorain, 5 miles N of Cleveland in 42 to 48 of water, 6 miles N of the Wildwood State Park in 60 to 64' of water, 2 to 4 miles NE of Fairport Harbor in 45 to 65 of water, and 2 to 4 miles NW of Geneva in 50 to 65 of water. Fish have been caught on worm harnesses or bloody nose, watermelon, killer bee and copper back spoons trolled with dipsy or jet divers. Fish are suspended and anglers are fishing down 20 to 40'.

Yellow perch fishing has been excellent less than 1 mile out of Lorain, 2 miles N of Willowick in 38' feet of water, 2 miles N of Bratenal in 32-35', 2 miles NE of Ashtabula in 24-36 of water, 2 miles N of Conneaut in 36-42 of water. Fish have ranged from 7 to 11 inches. Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish. Shore anglers are catching yellow perch at Mentor Headlands pier and Fairport Harbor pier. Anglers are using spreaders with shiners.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been excellent from Fairport Harbor to Perry in 10 to 24 of water. Fish have been caught on tube jigs, jigs tipped with minnows or leeches, or by trolling crankbaits.

White bass fishing has been good 1/2 mile N of Eastlake CEI power plant. Anglers are using agitators with white jigs.

Shore anglers are catching white bass at the Eastlake CEI pier using agitators with white/yellow twistertails and small spoons.

Lake Erie surface temperatures range from 69 to 70 degrees.

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