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Fishing Report Posted: June 06, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 06, 2006 at 22:50:10:

We're home! And just like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home"! We ran our last trip at Port Clinton on Sunday, May 28th and after crushing the Walleyes, I jumped back in the boat and ran it back to Ashtabula that afternoon. One hundred gallons later, we arrived. We jumped back in to the game with a very heavy schedule.

Fishing this past week was fair. On most days we managed to get into the teens for numbers of Walleyes caught with some real beauties mixed in the catch. The majority of the fish however are still the 03 class of Walleyes that continue to dominate the catch wherever you go in this lake. These 3 year old fish are on average 18 - 22 inches, and about 2-3 lbs. Great eating size! Each day though we've managed to mix in a few "hogs" just for bragging rights. We've done 7 or 8 Fish Ohio citation sized fish here since I've been back, ranging anywhere from 28" to 30". We've yet to land a Steelhead although we've had a couple on.

Fishing patterns are typical of early June. There seems to be a few fish most everywhere and no particular one place in the water column. If I had to narrow it down, probably 45 - 48 ft. has been the best with the Walleyes 20 - 30 ft. down. We've been pulling #40 Jet Divers behind the big planer boards anywhere from 50 to 100 ft. back using Stinger Spoons. A few came on the big Dipsies and hardly anything on the downriggers.

As I mentioned before, we have a fairly heavy schedule coming up but did just take a cancellation for Thursday, June 22nd that I would like to fill. Anyone interested in that date or for whatever reason, may reach me on my mobile/boat number at 216-387-2656, 24/7. Water temps off of Ashtabula harbor are about 64 degrees at the surface, and in the upper 50's down deeper. I was greeted back to Ashtabula with a $3.25 per gallon fuel price at the marina where I dock. The trend appears to be easing at the marina pumps by a few pennies but not enough to make a whole lot of difference when it's still $3.00 plus a gallon. The weather looks to be picture perfect this whole upcoming week.

Capt. Walt

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