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Fishing Report Posted: September 28, 2005

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 28, 2005 at 06:31:33:

Perch, Perch and more Perch! Well, we’ve entered the final stretch of the 2005 fishing season. After an incredible run at the Walleyes that’s been about as good as it could be, we have put away the trolling gear for the Perch rods.

Just like the Walleye, there seems to be Perch just about everywhere we go. And just like the last couple of months of Walleye fishing, an unbelievable amount of young Perch from the hatches of 2003 are also showing up. These two year olds are just overwhelming. Some are keeper size, others we just throw back.

I don’t know why the Walleye and Perch hatches were so successful that spring but I know it is going to be incredibly awesome fishing for many years to come! We’ve run several Perch charters now aboard “The Trophy” and I’ve been pleased with the action. We are still getting a nice mix of “Jumbos” along with lots of mid grade sized Perch. Since I’ve been letting our groups take my limit of Perch as well on these trips, it makes up for some of the smaller ones that we’re forced to keep because they’ve swallowed the hook and are going to die anyway.

What a blast it is to catch these tasty eaters! My experience over the years is that the very biggest Perch come from later in the fall when the water starts to really cool off. We’ve still got some open dates left for October. I can be reached directly on the boat/cell # 216-387-2656. “The Trophy” comes out of the water Nov. 1st. I would like to thank everyone that booked with us this season and helped make our 19th year such a huge success!

Capt. Walt

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