ODNR Fishing Report for 7/12/2005: Eastern, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: July 12, 2005

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Posted by ODNR on July 12, 2005 at 22:09:34:

Central Basin

Walleye fishing continues to be good in eastern Ohio's waters of the
central basin. The best fishing has been 7 to 9 miles N off Fairport
Harbor in 65 to 72' of water and 7 to 9 miles N of Ashtabula in 65 to
72' of water. Trolling 30 to 50 feet down with spoons or crawler
harnesses using planer boards, dipsy divers or jet divers, have produced
the best catches. The best spoon colors have been confusion, watermelon
and black/silver. Fish have ranged from 15-28 inches.

Yellow Perch
Yellow perch fishing has been best 1 mile N of Euclid in 30' of water, 2
to 4 miles N of Ashtabula in 40 to 55' of water, and 2 to 4 miles N of
Conneaut in 40 to 55' of water. A perch spreader tipped with shiners is
the most popular set-up. Fish have ranged from 7-13 inches.

White Bass

The best white bass fishing has been from the shore at the Eastlake CEI
wall. Anglers are using agitators with small spinners and twister

Fish have ranged from 8 - 14 inches.

Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth bass fishing has been good on Ruggles Reef and around the
shoreline and harbors in 15 to 30 feet of water around Fairport, Geneva,
Ashtabula and Conneaut. Jigs tipped with shiners, tube jigs, jerkbaits
and crankbaits have been the most productive lures.

Steelhead have been caught by walleye anglers in the same areas
mentioned in the walleye report. Fish have ranged from 22 to 28".

Lake Erie surface temperatures are around 75 degrees.

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