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Fishing Report Posted: August 18, 2004

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 18, 2004 at 05:47:19:

August is turning out to be a pretty good month. After some really crappy weather, August’s Walleye fishing off shore of Ashtabula is shaping up to be very good. The fish are holding about 8 or 9 miles off of Ashtabula harbor in about 67 to 72 ft. of water.

Aboard “The Trophy” we are still using Storm Thundersticks fished off of the planer boards using wire line to get the job done. These fish are about 50 to 60 ft. down. The down side of all this is the incidental fish we have to weed through each day to get our Walleyes. The Sheephead and White Bass are really heavy in the same area. Last year’s Walleye hatch is coming on strong. We can hardly keep the 10-inch little guys off of lines. We are all in for a big treat in a couple of years. All of the experts are saying the hatch of 2002 be the greatest in all of Lake Erie’s history! The Steelhead continue to be scarce but again I attribute this to the location where we are doing the bulk of our fishing. I suspect the real big schools of Trout are way off shore.

I would like to remind everyone that we are now booking our fall Perch trips for September and October. Anyone interested can call me direct on my mobile number at 216-387-2656. The boys that are already Perch fishing are doing very well. It should get better as the cooler weather sets in.

Capt. Walt

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