Steelhead in the river: Conneaut Creek, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: October 09, 2003

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Posted by Eddie Holiday on October 09, 2003 at 09:37:26:

Oct.9th 2003-Fished the river yesterday from main street up river one mile. Three of us landed twenty and had at least that many hook ups. Two 13 pounders, one 12,and the rest all over 7 pounds. The river is finally down and the steelhead are hungry. All the fish came on minnow imitations. My buddies used spoons and I caught mine on clouser minnow flies. Tried jigs and maggots,nymphs,eggsacks, could not buy A bite. Lots of bait in the river. Dont be discouraged if the water is stained gray when you get there. Just go upriver past the bridge construction and it clears up.

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