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Fishing Report Posted: July 11, 2002

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Posted by JDS` on July 11, 2002 at 22:11:04:

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: : Need information on Ashtabula's Lakeshore Park boat ramp and Conneaut harbors boat ramp. Last year they were in poor condition do to low water and no dredging. Does anyone know what they are like this year?

: : Need info for this weekend!
I have been out of Conneaut and Astabula. Both areas are low, but passable. Main problem with conneaut is getting the boat back on the trailer due to low water and uneven ramp. Stick close to the sheet pile wall to the gas sales and then head out to lighthouse but keep near the green markers. If you stray right or left it gets shallow. For astabula, their is no dock at the park so you have to wade.
Water depth is 3', but OK if you are careful and boat is not too big. I now use ARU ramp in river when fishing Astabula. Boat ride up river takes a half hour due to no wake but docks are great and $6 launch charge is reasonable. Good luck. JDS

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