Lake Erie Fishing Report: April 25, 2002: Eastern, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: April 25, 2002

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Posted by ODNR on April 25, 2002 at 21:30:59:

Lake Erie Fishing Report: April 25, 2002

Central Basin Steelhead Streams:

Peak runs are winding down, but some big fish in the 10- to 15-pound range
are being landed when stream conditions are right. Streams have come down
from recent high flows and are generally moderate and stained. Streams like
Mill, Arcola, and Paine creeks are relatively clear, but rain or snow may
muddy conditions locally. Fish can be found throughout the main rivers and
tributaries, but will be concentrated in the lower portions of the creeks as
they get ready to migrate back out to the lake. Stream steelhead anglers
use spawn bags, jigs & maggots, minnows, or flies such as woolly buggers,
weighted nymphs, egg patterns and streamers that imitate shiners. Anglers
should note the bag limit change to two steelhead trout and salmon in the
aggregate on March 1st, that will become valid from September 1st through
May 15. Anglers should note that landowner permission is required to fish
on private property.

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