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Fishing Report Posted: January 11, 2002

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Posted by walleye warrior on January 11, 2002 at 05:38:59:

In Reply to: Mosquito Lake posted by Robert on January 08, 201 at 14:20:18:

: ON 1/9/02 icaught A 27 1/2 INCH EYE PLUS ONE 15 PLUS 8 EYES THAT WHERE ONLY 10 INCHS LONG SOUTH END 16 FEET OF WATER ON A JIGGING RAPALA JUST THE HEAD OF THE MINNOW BLACK AND GOLD HAD ABOUT 4 1/2 INCH'S OF ICE. HEADING UP TO CONNEUAT CREEK RIGHT NOW TO TRY AND CATCH STEELLIES I HAVE A VACATION DAY TODAY MY BUDDY WAS UP YESTERDAY HE CAUGHT 5 FISH 4 TO 8 POUNDS ALL OUT OF 1 POOL WOULD RATHER BE ON THE ICE BUT DONT THINK IT;S SAFE WITH ALL THIS WARM WEATHER AND MELTING SNOW ED KOMARA 1 11/02Seeing good numbers of walleye and crappie pulled from the lake. Fish the channel about 3/8 of a mile out. Ice is about 10-12" out there. 1/2 ounce Hopkins spoons or crippled herrings jigged with minnow heads and tails on each hook. Sounds weird but works. Most don't catch anything on tip-ups, you have to jig baby.
: Would like to get some connections with some people up in the Lake Erie area to see how the fishing is up in the streams or on the lake. It's a long drive for me from Warren. I did really good at Arcola on the Steelies this late fall and got my first fish ohio. 29 1/2"(12 1/4#er). My email address is

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