No junk fish!... Just perch and walleye: Conneaut, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: August 22, 2001

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Posted by Seawolf - Captain Ron on August 22, 2001 at 18:12:42:

The perch action off Conneaut was excellent today. Headed north one degree east until the water was 58 feet. Wind south and the waves 2 to 3 made for lots of good perch fishing. Bottom and up a crank quickly limited out the three of us.

After that great time headed to 8 north /41 west.
Radio fish action on the walleye was next to zip.

Drifted north for several hours in the dead sea.

12:00 the bottom light up and the rods were bending with fish on. The hole lake seamed to come alive as other boats several miles away also were catching eyes.

By 1:00 the party was over and the score was 9 for 14 as the dead sea returned. This added to the 90 perch.

Like I stated not one junk fish all day!!!!!!!!!

Just perch and walleye

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