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Fishing Report Posted: April 26, 2001

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Posted by M-M bait and tackle on April 26, 2001 at 08:56:29:

just as i thought it was over a gentleman angler brought in a 16 pound steelhead yesterday, the fish was 34.5 inches long and had a girth just under 10 inches. the fish was caught on conneaut creek just south of route 20. it seems there are still a great number fish to be had in this creek. there still getting them out in the marina, but the most of the people getting there boats out are fishing for perch. the perch are being caught in great numbers just of the lighthouse, minnows on spreaders are the trick.

now lets talk walleye!
east of conneaut the offshore anglers are doing great. around the cleveland area there killing them off piers,rock jetty's and any other structure. wich brings me back to conneaut, i know from past experiance i have been able to catch a fish here and there of PA. shorelines near the ohio line, my guess is that if you were to cast in and around the rock jetty around the harbor you could hook up around and after dark. i will be testing this, this weekend so i will be sure to post my findings the first of the week.

MATT @ M-M bait and tackle

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