steelhead/and power bait tip: Eastern, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: March 20, 2001

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Posted by John on March 20, 2001 at 13:37:24:

steelhead are in the grand river in harpersfield under the covered bridge.the are not past the dam in the river. some fish however are passing over the dam into the upper part of the river. they some times use the fish ladder but they don't ussaully climb up the dam unless that's where they were born there.they are being caught on jig and maggots and egg sacks or berkley power egg and bait floating across the top. they are being caught in the 10-20 inch range.`here's a tip for people who use power bait.put it in a spawn sack and then cast it you will not lose your power bait as fast if you even lose any.

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