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Fishing Report Posted: January 01, 2024

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 01, 2024 at 06:21:36:

Happy New Year! 2024! Wow! And I was just getting used to writing 2023! Lol! I guess that means that in a blink of an eye we’ll be fishing again as well. It’s absolutely surreal to me how fast the fishing seasons and life in general seem to fly by the older that I get now. What's even more unreal is that I am still “working” at this. I guess it’s true by what they say “do what you love for your job and you’ll never work a day in your life”! Ha! With that said, we are preparing for yet another year of work, I mean fabulous fishing out of the Port of Ashtabula, Ohio. My 38th season! YIKES! It should be another dandy! Walleye fishing continues to be as good as it possibly could be minus all of the usual little setbacks along the way. Bad weather, the occasional break down and all the other never ending little surprises that every small business owner seems to face almost on a daily basis. One can only hope for a kinder weather year this season and with no major setbacks on the business side of this gig for me. Time will tell and like I said before, we’ll be welcoming all of you back aboard The Trophy for another exciting day of fishing before you know it. Newsletters and trip reminders for everyone that’s on my mailing list will be going out here in a few short days now. And if you’re not on our list and you would like to receive our winter mailer, give me a text with your name & address and I will gladly include you. As always, the number to use to contact me is 216-387-2656. I hope everyone continues to do well as we stumble our way through these last few months of cold weather and then we’ll be getting this party started! Tight lines everyone!

Capt. Walt
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