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Fishing Report Posted: September 17, 2023

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 17, 2023 at 12:04:26:

A much kinder September! I wasnít going to post much about this past two weeks fishing in this final report for this season for me and just get right into my usual end of the year thank youís. But fishing is still so good that I thought I should really reflect about it one last time. Even at that, this report will be on the much shorter side.

As I had already mentioned we finally got some real delightful weather and much calmer seas. Some of the early mornings have been a bit nippy but Iíll take it! We even had some great water spout action all around us as the much cooler air and light northerly breezes sweep across the still warmer water of Lake Erie. Water temps have really gone nowhere still holding strong at around 71 degrees.

And as I had predicted and hoped for, the schools of Walleye are finally moving back towards shore some. Almost overnight the best fishing is now only 10 or 12 miles out. Still a long distance offshore for many smaller boats but a far cry from the daily 20 miles plus that we were all running for much over a month. Add to that the calmer seas where we can really crank it up and weíre fishing in no time now! We are still in 72 plus feet of water but the fish are also showing signs of coming up in the water column besides moving in some. All welcome signs!

And finally, now the the main purpose of this final fishing report for the season of 2023. I want to thank each and everyone of you that fished with me this past summer. It was a year with plenty of highs and lows for myself as always but your unwavering support, business and incredible generosity got me through it again and make me want to return next year for season #38. With the good Lord willing for everyone, I make you a promise. If you all come back again next year, Iíll be here again to provide everyone with ďJust another EXCITING day on THE TROPHYĒ! You guys are all truly my very good friends and special guests and I canít wait to welcome you all back again next season. OK, one little bit of news yet for this season. With the incredibly good fishing still going on and in hopes that this nice stretch of weather holding, Iíve decided to keep the boat in the water for an extra week or two this year. My last scheduled trip was supposed to be Saturday Sept 23rd with the boat coming out the 25th but now Iím thinking of coming out sometime in October. None of these days are spoken for including a couple of more weekend dates that this opens up so if anyone is interested in pushing the envelope and trying a late season one final fishing trip with me, give me a call or shoot me a text at 216-387-2656. We can even do a very last second trip. If you see some really nice weather coming up and I am still open and you want to jump on it, Iím game! Otherwise I will see most of you again next summer. Oh yeah, and one more final thank you... Thanks to all of you that have been following along with these now bi-weekly fishing reports of mine whether you fish with me or not. I know my website gets about a 1,000 hits a week and I know for a fact that most of that is people that are faithfully reading my silly ramblings. I appreciate all of the interest and devotion! So till next year, I hope everyone stays safe and warm this off-season and that all of the upcoming holidays bring you peace and joy. Over and out one final time for the fishing season 2023!

Capt. Walt
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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]