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Fishing Report Posted: August 06, 2023

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 06, 2023 at 11:47:32:

You can run, but you can’t hide! Well after moving out much, much further into the lake in an attempt to get away from the onslaught of under sized Walleyes, the little guys have found us again. Other then the insane fuel bills, it was pretty sweet there for a few weeks to be catching nice keeper after keeper without having to sort through all of the throw backs. But that all seemed to change dramatically this past week as tons of 12”-14” inchers started showing up even out there right along with all the keepers just like the inside waters provided us earlier this summer. So now we have both insane fuel bills AND have to deal with baby Hell out there! Again. Ha! But just like we’ve been doing so all year long, we just suck it up and deal with it each day. Man, unless something catastrophic happens to this lake, the Walleye fishing in this lake is set up to be something absolutely unreal for at least the next 10 years!

Other then that, there is not much of anything new to report in this report. Limits are still a daily occurrence. Size remains decent with mostly just good eaters ending up in the box. Monsters are few and far apart this summer. The captains at River Marine again this summer are having their friendly fishing Calcutta tournament amongst the handful of boats that are docked there. As in past years, each captain throws in $50 bucks each week and the biggest Walleye each week wins the pot. But there’s a catch... the Walleye has to be at least a 9 pounder or better to even weigh and be considered. If nobody has a 9 pound or bigger fish, just like the Power Ball, the pot rolls over and everyone throws in another $50 bucks the following week and the pot just keeps growing. Well, I won it way back in June the very first week the contest kicked off this summer with a 9 1/2 pounder. But since then nobody including myself has even had a 9 pounder brought in on their boat to weigh. Some very nice fish but nothing much over 8 pounds. That tells a lot. These guys are all the best of the best at River Marine bringing in daily limits of Walleye, yet nobody is catching any real monsters. Very interesting. Also, after having a good run with the Steelhead Trout here in recent weeks they also have become quite illusive here as of late. Also interesting but honestly, that part doesn’t break my heart one bit! Lol!

Fishing techniques are typical summer deep water set ups. For us aboard THE TROPHY, that means deep billed crank baits on wire fishing line. In my case we use the larger Storm Thundersticks fished back somewhere between 250’ to 300’ feet. Then it’s run out on the planer boards to each side of the boat and run out yet an additional 100’ to 150’ feet of line. Lots of reeling when a rod goes off! Even more frustrating when that fish happens to be one of those undersized throw backs! Ugh! Then 6 Dipsey Diver rods always go out and if we find the time, we throw out the 2 downriggers as well. On the Dipseys and the downriggers the only lure that I ever use any more is the larger sized Contender Spoons. I rarely do any promoting or endorsements of any products that I use but I can not say enough good about these Contender Spoons. They just plain work and work extremely well! Probably 75% of all the fish that we catch and highlight on all of our brag board rack shot pictures are caught on these Contender Spoons! They have a amazing selection of colors that hold their paint well and come with super quality split rings and treble hooks. They are very tough and don’t bend easily. They just plain outshine anything else out there on the market. That from me you can take to the bank whole heartedly!

So it is now August. We are in a time period that is affectionately called “The dog days of summer”. Usually it’s the three H’s. Hot, humid and hazy. While the rest of the country has been blazing in record heat this summer, we have been spared of most of the uncomfortable weather and have been having relatively perfect temperatures. Coolish in the early morning hours and just pleasant by mid morning. Heck, I think we’ve only had like two 90 degree days up here this whole summer! That certainly does not make me mad! This coming week looks to be much of the same. We’ve had more Canadian forest fire smoke haze out there this summer then just the typical summer muggy haze that everyone usually expects this time of year. Now that’s been something else! Some really bizarre shrouded sun rises! That’s about it for this weeks report. We’ll see what these next couple of weeks bring us.

Capt. Walt
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