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Fishing Report Posted: July 23, 2023

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 23, 2023 at 09:05:36:

Simply fabulous fishing! And absolutely ridiculous fuel costs. More on the latter in a moment. Well, we finally figured out how to get away from all the baby Walleyes that have been driving everybody crazy all summer thus far. Go to another country to fish! Well, almost. For the last two weeks we have been making daily insanely long runs out to just shy of the Canadian border. And the fishing out there has been, well, simply fabulous! Some of the very nicest fish of the year to boot along with more then a generous portion of Steelhead Trout mixed in daily. Itís been like a three ring circus out there and on the nicer weather days, oh so much fun!

But it all comes at a cost. And itís not pretty. A average day now requires 50 miles of travel. And that is no exaggeration. On average, itís 20 miles out. It requires about another 10 miles of trolling around to get a limit of fish for the day. And then again itís about another 20 miles home. On average. Some days a tad more, some days a tad less. But definitely right around 50 miles on average. And like clockwork, my daily fuel bills at River Marines fuel prices hovering penny's short of $6 dollars a gallon have been $300 and plus dollars A DAY and around $2,100 plus weekly! Sickening. And along with the grueling long boat rides, engines and machinery wears out like crazy as well. This past week alone I had to replace a alternator, have work done on a distributor which most likely will end up needing replaced as well and do a oil change which is almost a weekly thing now at about $130 for oil and filters for both engines just for one change. Did I mention sickening?

Therefore, this is the first time in 37 years that I have had to change our rates mid season but effective immediately and going forward, ALL CHARTER RATES ARE GOING UP BY $50 DOLLARS a trip. No exceptions! We have always specifically stated on our web site that ďall rates are subject to changeĒ With us now having to run incredibly far to the fishing grounds this summer and with marina gas at that dreaded $6 dollars a gallon I have no choice if I want to continue to remain in business. It just is not sustainable without adjusting our rates. And itís not only just because of the fuel. Everything else has sky rocketed on me this summer as well. Dock rent, commercial insurance, itís been one thing after another and ridiculously endless. I held off as long as I could...

So thatís that. I think most all of my groups will more then understand. Iíve said it a thousand times before and I believe it with all my heart. I have the most loyal, longest running generous repeat guests that I am so proud to call all my friends. Never a customer! You guys are truly my guests that make this dream possible for me. We have been through a lot together and I am as always humbled by everyone's enthusiasm, loyalty and generosity. I know that you all want the most exiting and productive trip possible and I know that you wouldnít want me to base my decision everyday where to fish by skimping on the miles that we have to go to get to the very best spots possible just to save on fuel. I promise I will never do that! Now letís fuel that 200 gallon tank back up and get back out there! It is simply fabulous fishing out there, you know!

Capt. Walt
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