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Fishing Report Posted: September 25, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 25, 2022 at 10:52:07:

And thatís a wrap. Just like that the fishing season of 2022 is in the books for The Trophy. My 36th year of full time chartering and guiding on Lake Erie. Every season seems to fly by faster then the previous one. This year was filled with plenty of highs and lows as every year seems to hold. The Walleye fishing itself was pretty much outstanding. That in itself seems to be getting even better with each passing year if that is even possible. It has lured a whole onslaught of young captains on to the scene that now think theyíve really done something when they limit out. Lol! I often wonder to myself how many of these young guys will see season number 36 in the books as I have now and ride out some of the leaner years like I have I seen over my long career. Most likely leaner times will return someday down the road. But like they say, when itís easy, anybody can do it. The weather on the other hand is a very level playing field year after year on Erie. When itís crappy out there, itís crappy for everyone. Once again like every year we saw plenty of the good, the bad and the ugly on the big lake this year as far as weather goes. There's just no getting around that when fishing Lake Erie. All I know is that the older I get the more I hate fishing on these rougher water days. Perhaps some year soon all those young captains can have it all. But hopefully it will not be next year. I plan on being back for season #37 so hold on to your dates!

As I do at the end of each season, I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you that fished with me this past summer. Iíve said it before and I believe it with all my heart, I have the very best crews that anybody could ever want on their charter boat. Weíve become great friends over all these years and you guys are the reason that I keep pushing on year after year. It humbles me and amazes everyone else how long so many of you have been fishing with me now. Incredible loyalty! This year was financially troubling with all operating costs sky rocketing. Marina fuel prices were the very worst with gasoline costing more then $7.00 a gallon most of the season back dockside. Ouch! But absolutely every group that I took out dug deep into their pockets at the end of the day to help ease this pain at the pump for me. I just donít know how to express my sincere gratitude! And we pulled it off! With everyone's generosity it was still a profitable year for me even with all the challenges that we faced. I am proud to announce right here and now that barring anything unforeseen I see no reason to increase any of my rates for next year as so many of my fellow captains keep talking about as this season winds down. You guys are the very best and I know I can count on everybody's generosity in the coming year(s) So with all of that, again I say THANK YOU to all of you and I look forward to seeing everyone back on The Trophy in 2023. Till then, stay warm everyone, stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Capt. Walt & Joyce
Trophy Charters

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