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Fishing Report Posted: August 28, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 28, 2022 at 10:32:30:

Winner winner chicken dinner! We managed to capture yet another monster this past week aboard The Trophy to again win my little marinas ďjust for funĒ captains tournament. Back in early July I wrote about a nine and a half pounder that we caught that gave me the bragging rights for River Marines captains only Calcutta. In that report I described it like this: Just for fun and for bragging rights, each week all 7 captains at River Marine throw in $50 bucks and whosever boat brings in the biggest Walleye that week, the captain wins the entire pot! The only catch is that it has to be at least nine pounds to qualify! If nobody has a nine pounder that week to weigh, everybody throws in another $50 bucks and the previous weeks money rolls over and builds the pot. The first picture here shows a beautiful ten and a half pounder that we caught in the early morning pre dawn darkness this past week on a Dipsy Diver and a Contender Spoon. It was the first rod out that particular morning and in the #1 position at a 110 ft. back. It wasnít in the water but a minute when the rod doubled over and had the drag peeling. When I handed the rod off to the lucky angler that drew the first fish honors for the day, I knew that it was a beast and possibly a contest contender! And when the fish finally surfaced under all of my lights, I was like HOLY COW! It looked like a friggin Alligator with huge red glowing eye balls! What a fish!

I was actually going to open up this week's fishing report with a catch phrase that I havenít used much this year if at all. Gorgeous weather! After the brutal last handful of weeks that we had with high winds, big waves, thunder storms and incredible heat and humidity daily, we FINALLY had a two week prolonged period of nothing but delightful weather. Waves even well off shore were predicted to be one foot or less daily day after day. And most days it was. A few days it was actually just a bit more then that but still very comfortable and easily manageable. A far cry from what we had been dealing with. And temperatures most of these days was a pleasant 70 some degrees also. Oh the luck of the draw when you schedule these trips. It almost isnít fair how some of my guests almost always happen to land on the really nice days while others seem to always draw the short end of the straw and get stuck fishing in crap weather year after year. Almost uncanny how that seems to work! And this welcome change of nice weather came just in the nick of time. I myself couldnít take much more of the daily beatings that I was taking. Thatís one thing to come up for your yearly fishing trip and getting roughed up a little. Itís another thing to be the captain of the boat with all the stress and responsibility that goes with the job waking up every morning to the same old crap day after day. Simply exhausting!

But as I have have been describing all summer long now whether it be the lake is rough or very nice, the Walleye fishing is simply just fabulous day after day, week after week and month after month. What a fishery that we are blessed with! It just never has been this good as things are now these last few years. And each year these last few years somehow, someway it manages to get better with each passing year then it was the year before. Truly unbelievable! With us leaving super early each morning like we like to do, most days we are amongst the first few boats back each day to the dock. While visiting with my guests each day while they wait to have their fish cleaned, I am simply amazed by the daily onslaught of boats pouring back in and heading south each morning. Done! Like a parade every time the lift bridge goes up another group of boats, mostly all charters are all heading back to their docks further up river. Almost every day I point out to my guys, see all those boats heading that way? Every one of them is limited out no matter how many guys you see on the boat. If they were not, you wouldnít see them back this early and all heading back up river. And this goes on every day, day after day after day. An amazing amount of Walleyes coming out of the lake each day and this is just one harbor of many! The same thing is going on in every port and harbor up and down the whole south shore of Erie! Like I said, what a fishery!

So another month is practically in the books now. In a couple of more days it will be September. My final month of fishing. Some go longer. By about now though Iíve personally had enough and by the end of September I for sure will be ready for a respite. The fish are already showing signs of coming back to shore some. Hopefully this trend will continue and this nice stretch of weather will continue as well making it easier for my last month. Itís always a good feeling to end my season on a high note rather then be totally beat up and frustrated when I put the boat away. I am to the point of my career now where I really donít have to be doing this if I donít want to. I continue to do so each year because I donít want to let so many of you that I now consider my friends down. I know how much so many of you enjoy fishing with me and being on the super cool tricked out TROPHY! You can all thank the really great and super exciting Walleye fishing that has exploded here in these recent years for me sticking around as long as I have. Otherwise I would have most likely gone into retirement about 6 years ago when I hit my goal of making it 30 years. Man has that ship sailed already! Lol! Oh well. Weíll try to make it this one last month of this year and then get some rest over the winter and set our sites on next year, my 37th season. Yikes! But just like I described the Walleye fishing. Itís now down to one day at a time, one week at a time and one month at a time. And then and only then, one year at a time. We shall see. Talk to you guys again in September...

Capt. Walt
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