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Fishing Report Posted: July 17, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 17, 2022 at 09:48:54:

Not much new to report on. As we approach and now pass the mid point of my season and pretty much everybody's Walleye season here off of the Port of Ashtabula, there is just not a whole lot of new news to discuss. The Walleye fishing remains very good as it has been. The fish do seem to finally be staging a bit further off shore but not as horribly far offshore yet as is sometimes the case in past years by now. At least not yet anyway. The size is getting much better but there are still a lot of of the three year old fish that have been really dominating this years catches up and down the entire lake showing up even further offshore.. Thatís not saying that we are not getting any larger fish because we are and it actually seems to be getting better now with each passing day if I do I dare say. Almost everyday there is at least a couple of handfuls of really nice sized Walleyes hanging in everybody's rack shot pictures. They are just not as plentiful as are these younger Walleyes. But action is action and we are all very busy catching all of these great eating fish!

Aboard The Trophy, most days we are simply using only Dipsey Divers to get the job done. We could just as easily use everything at our disposal including the planer boards and even the downriggers. The question becomes however, how fast do you really want to catch them? Everyone knows you will get your fish no matter what you do. Itís been just that kind of a great season. So why not drag it out some for your guests. And thatís exactly what I have have been trying to do for my guys that choose to fish with me. And even though at times it may seem like we are back rather early ourselves, you have to understand that we equally leave very early each day. Beings the very first ones out, we get to enjoy the spectacular LED light show The Trophy puts on as we travel in the quiet early morning darkness guided by radar and powerful spotlights with not a sole to be seen anywhere. The whole time while the music videos are playing on the boats big screen for your in flight entertainment! Lol! And we never get to miss out on seeing a spectacular sun rising out of the water each and every day and let me tell you, that really never gets old!

And so I have no real big news as far as the fishing goes but there is super HUGE news for the Ashtabula Harbor district area itself that will impact all of us that run charters down here in the harbor and all of you, our loyal guests. We are getting a brand new hotel! Itís being built right next to the well known and beautiful Ashtabula draw bridge where The Trophy is docked. Ground has broke recently for the new Riverbend Hotel & Suites being built on the south west corner of where the bridge is located. It will be a cozy small hotel but will have 30 rooms that are said to will be spacious, comfortable and highly amenitiized. Rooms and suites will all be individually styled so that no two rooms will be the same. And maybe the coolest thing of it all will be a new roof top bar on the very top of this hotel that will overlook the whole harbor area including the lift bridge and River Marine where The Trophy is docked along with breath taking views of both the river and the lake and all of Bridge Street! I see sunset cocktails in our future and all within spitting distance of the boat. This will add to your options of lodging choices while staying in Ashtabula for your future fishing trips. The completion of the new hotel is said to be by next summer but that might be a stretch in my own personal opinion. But weíll see. For more information, copy and paste this into your browser:

So thatís about it for yet another couple week fishing time period. Fishing is really good. The size of fish keeps getting much better. Weather has been rather decent and pretty typical of our average north east Ohio summers as well. Weíve only lost a handful or so of trips due to high wind days thus far and I would say thatís better then average as well for us. We all know many years it is so much more worse by now. Weíll see how the rest of the season plays out as we approach the 2022 hurricane season. And yes, we do not get hurricanes on Lake Erie but we do get the wrap around effects when these storms go up the east coast which usually gives us deep low pressure systems over the lake that brings us strong North Easters here on Lake Erie. These systems sometimes shut us down for multiple days at a whack. Fingers crossed that is not the case this year. Itís already been a financially troubling season with the fuel prices and what not. We donít want to start loosing a whole bunch of scheduled trips on top of all of that. So tight lines for now and fish on!

Capt. Walt
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