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Fishing Report Posted: June 05, 2022

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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]

Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 05, 2022 at 10:15:01:

Going good! The last time I posted a couple weeks ago I mentioned that the fishing had improved dramatically for me in the last few days leading up to me writing that report. We have not looked back since then! Fishing has remained very solid for us aboard The Trophy with I believe perfect limit catches for all of my charter guests ever since. I wonít say all the days have been super easy but by the end of the day each day that we fished we ended up with some very respectable catches!

We have gone from having the lake all to ourselves for nearly a month to now having to watch out for other boats every day that seemingly always decide to fish exactly where I am as soon as I get spotted. The dramatic shift in fishing pressure predictably came right on que with the Memorial Day Weekend that has now come and gone. Almost comical as big as the lake is to see boats run straight up to me and start throwing out their gear. SMH. (shake my head) Some things never change!

And I havenít been hard to find either. At marina fuel prices just shy of $7.00 dollars a gallon at the marina pumps, Iíve been reluctant to just run way down the lake just to get away from everybody like Iíve always done early in the season in past seasons when the fish are in close like they are now. This relentless nonstop climb in fuel prices each week is very troubling. Iíve weathered many business related crises in my 36 year career (thus far). Will this be the straw that breaks the Camelís back? With a 200 gallon tank and a very thirsty gas guzzling boat each day, you can see my very real concern! Ugh.

So by not doing weekly reports anymore the problem become which four pictures do I feature from so many trips and fine catches over the span of two weeks. Do I go with all rack shots or do I highlight some of the exceptionally big Walleyes that we manage to catch here and there on an almost daily basis. Tough choices! But every now and then we catch something so out of the norm that it just has to be shown. So for my fourth picture of choice in this weekís report, enjoy this picture of a behemoth Catfish that we landed this past week while trolling for Walleye! What a struggle that was to land against the tow of the boat! Ha! The fish cleaners weighed it at the end of the day and it went exactly 20 pounds! Did I mention frigging BEHEMOTH? Yikes! Lol!

Capt. Walt
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*These trips were not priced for this kind of fuel emergency that is facing us right now. Your generous tips will help us survive these tough times that lay ahead! THANK YOU!

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]