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Fishing Report Posted: May 22, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 22, 2022 at 10:41:57:

Kind of slow. That pretty much sums it up for me. All week long I've been out there fishing everyday as the lone wolf. No other boats. No other help. No problem. I just went out there and did my own thing everyday like I have been doing for 36 years straight now. And in my humble opinion, itís been just that so far. Kind of slow. Not the worst that Iíve ever seen it for this time of year. But not the best either. But more then good enough really. And for that I feel very blessed. Weíre putting in longer days everyday. But at the end of the day we have been getting a respectable box of fish. I was actually preparing to sit down this Friday evening as I always do when I write these reports and write about how very slow itís been thus far this year for me. As you know Iím never afraid to tell it exactly the way it is. But in the last few days things have picked up dramatically for me. Maybe still not limits quite everyday, but more then good enough as far as I am concerned.

This shot of heat that weíve had this past week has made all the difference in the world. Only a week ago the surface temperatures everywhere that I had ventured was right around 46 degrees. In one weeks time it has shot up by nearly 10 degrees plus! At least on the surface that is. That is huge! And I tell everyone as I always have, when the lake temperature hits a true 60 degrees, not just the surface temperature, itís GAME ON everywhere up here! We are sooooo close to that now! As I sit here and write this short recap of this past weeks fishing, I see nothing but warm temperatures heading our way in the coming days. I fully expect to report back in two weeks that itís on like Donkey Kong! Ha!

I personally have not been able to get much going in the real skinny water. I know others that are catching some in there. I guess Iíve always been just destined to fish in the deeper water further out. 50 to 60 ft. has been OK for us. Not a real burn like we would all like, but just OK. As far as I can tell, most all of our fish are being caught in the 20 to 30 ft. below the surface range. Tru Trip Jet divers and little Stinger spoons have been our weapons of choice. No surprise there. Big Contender spoons off of the Dipsys have contributed for a few as well each day. Iíve yet to catch one this year off of a downrigger however. I donít know why I continue to waste my time on those things other then the fact that I love to fish with them. By far they are our least productive rods regardless of the time of year sadly. But as long as I have the time to do so, I will continue to play with them until I eventually start pulling at least a few on them. And when things are slow, every fish that goes on the counter regardless of how you caught it is very valuable!

So soon Iíll have already been in the water for almost a month. Memorial Day weekend is next weekend already! Just unbelievable! Between now and then, the other boats will really start to show up here in Ashtabula. Recon and data from other skilled anglers will start to pile in more freely. In all honesty it all makes my job easier as I take into consideration what everyone else is doing and where they are catching. There are more then enough fish for everyone to go around and working together is not a bad thing. If I could only convince the other captains up this way to start much sooner! Lol! Weíll see how these next couple of weeks play out. Iím already anxiously awaiting June and a lot of those easier days. But for now weíll take what the lake gives us this remainder of May and try to be happy about it!

Capt. Walt
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