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Fishing Report Posted: January 02, 2022

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 02, 2022 at 12:55:15:

Happy New Year and Happy New Fishing Season! 2022! I don’t think I will ever get used to writing these kinds of numbers when it comes to writing dates down. It just seems weird and surreal to me to be well into the “twenties” already. But yet here we are about to start another fresh year and incredibly for me, preparing for yet another year of running fishing charters on Lake Erie. My 36th year of full-time guiding and operating a charter boat on the lake! I guess my plans of making 30 years and retiring has come and gone! Lol! Could I make 40 years? I really doubt it. But for now for those of you that enjoy fishing with me, rest assured that I don’t plan on going away any time soon. At least not for yet another season. For now we are committed to providing you with another fantastic year of fishing on one of the coolest, most fun boats on all of Lake Erie! If you’ve fished with us before, well you know what I’m talking about!

Looking back, 2021 was everything that we expected with the Walleyes on Lake Erie. They were plentiful, good sized and very cooperative. Other then dealing with a onslaught of younger undersized Walleyes (a good thing) and sorting through more junk fish then we have come accustomed to here in the last few years, it was a very good year. This coming season should be no exception. I look for a even larger grade of average fish that we box as the monster record hatches that we had from the years of 2015 thru 2020 continue to mature and grow. This incredible fishing is one of the reasons I continue to hang in there. It’s just too darn good to walk away from right now!

So as we set our sites on this summer, right now is the time for you to confirm or set up your fishing dates with me. I continue to be blessed with a high demand from people for a trip with me and I want to make sure that we can accommodate all of our regulars and the people that have been waiting to get on with us first. In the meanwhile we continue to prepare THE TROPHY for another year of battle. As always, we have some really fun and cool upgrades planned for the boat this off season and I can’t wait for everyone to see it all! Yet another reason it is so hard to hang it up. We just love our boat with all the cool lights and everything that we have done with it and we really enjoy sharing it with all of you! It won’t be long now folks... “Just another day on THE TROPHY!”

Capt. Walt
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