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Fishing Report Posted: August 29, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 29, 2021 at 00:07:54:

A very solid two weeks. These past two weeks slipped by as quickly as any this whole summer but without any kind of real drama. That’s a good thing! The weather cooperated very nicely for a change and the Walleyes and big Steelhead did their thing. Fishing has been as strong as it has been all summer long. Just go out early morning, throw your gear in and wait for the fish to turn on. I’ve been a little disappointed with the bite in the predawn early morning darkness here lately but when dawn shortly does arrive, it’s been game on everyday.

We saw more days in this last two week period with forecasted waves of 1 foot or less then I remember all summer long. And for the most part and for a pleasant change they were spot on! If we had any weather woes at all to discuss, it would be the extreme heat and humidity that we have been locked in with. It’s been quite brutal if you found yourself fishing much past 9 a.m. or so each day! Even though the official “Dog Days of Summer” has already passed us by, we had more days in the 90’s with extreme humidity this past couple of weeks then I for one care for and that’s for darn sure!

After seeming to slip back in much closer to home here in recent weeks, the larger schools of Walleye that we have been chasing all season have seemingly jumped back well offshore again. 15-20 miles out has been the norm for most charter boats once again trying to stay on the best bite. It just plain sucks. With fuel at my marina just pennies shy of $5 bucks a gallon, that was not the trend that we all wanted to see. And again, this late in the season where the fish should all be moving way back in even more if anything. Perhaps this major heat wave that we have been under here lately is the culprit. Surface temperature's at least on my electronics has been registering at a blistering 79 degrees Fahrenheit here the last few days! Dang, that’s warm for Erie!

So in just a few days now it will be September already. And just like the song by the rock group Europe, it will be the “final countdown” for me and this 2021 fishing season. After this report there will most likely only be one more final report because in the two weeks after that, the boat will already be coming out of the water for the year and I will be way to busy cleaning and winterizing both the boat and the camper to be doing any postings. But in the mean time we still have some fishing to do and I actually have a handful of open dates to offer if anyone is looking for a fall fishing trip in September before it all slips away for another year. Some of my favorite trips of the year are these late season trips. The fishing pressure on the lake drops off dramatically and the fish are as fat as can be after feeding heavily all summer long. The last chance to put some tasty fillets away for the long winter to come! If anybody is interested call or text me at 216-387-2656 and we’ll get you scheduled. Thank you.

Capt. Walt
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