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Fishing Report Posted: August 01, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 01, 2021 at 00:48:59:

Attack of the babies! Ugh! In my previous fishing report, the two weeks prior to that report I described the Walleye fishing in that time period as being simply ďfabulousĒ! Well, that didnít last long! As fast as the really good offshore fishing developed, we suffered a major setback here in the last week or so. The onslaught of juvenile undersized Walleye appearing out there now as well mixed in with the keepers. They are everywhere out there now and they are ferocious! So thick at times that you flat out can not keep them off your lines! Most are about 11 to 14 inches in length bowing well for next year and many more years to come but it has become pure Hell right now trying to weed through all of them to get the occasional keeper. Did I mention Ugh?

We already went thru all of this once already earlier in the season when the only game in town for keeper sized Walleyes was the near shore warmer waters where unfortunately the babies first appeared. But we fought thru it all, managed to get our limits almost everyday aboard The Trophy but it was both frustrating and exhausting. Then for a couple of weeks it was almost too good to be true. The offshore good sized Walleyes appeared and it was just as fast as you could go with hardly any throwbacks. But just like earlier in the summer and seemingly once again almost overnight the billion little fish appeared offshore and has made everything a struggle since. I even think itís pushed many of the nicer fish completely out of the area. It just isnít the same out there like it was. There's still plenty of keeper Walleyes out there, but oh the work to get them!

Aboard The Trophy we have been on the hunt each day for a new area that is rich in keeper Walleyes with minimal undersized fish but I am beginning to believe that at this particular time that there is no such place. Iíve been way east, way west. All the way back to the Canadian border and back into the shallows of the south shore. There are small fish everywhere! Enough with the record hatches year after year Mother Nature! Sheeze! But once again we just have to work through it. I guess the good news is that there are still an ample amount of nice sized fish most everywhere out there and we are still limiting out daily. Itís just not as easy as we would all like it.

Contender Spoons continue to do most of the keeper catching for us aboard The Trophy. Iím running them on all 6 Dipsy Diver rods that we run daily as well as both downriggers now. Quick in, quick out. If it hasnít caught a fish in 5 minutes or so you better check it! Most likely itís dragging a dink. Off the planer boards Iíve only been running a couple of wire rods with Jr. Thunder Sticks on each side of the boat only because thatís all that I can keep up with. It just takes so long to run out 300 feet of line or more to get down around 50 foot of depth where the Walleyes are hanging out and then another hundred foot plus of line out to the planer board only to have a dink grab it right away. Reel it all the way back in only to do it all over again. The Dipsys are catching plenty of small fish too but we can cycle through them so much quicker then with the long lines. And the biggest of the Walleyes that we are catching are sure liking these Contenders! OK, so itís officially August now. Only two more months to go for me. The daily routine and the seemingly endless amount of windy and choppy days is starting to wear on me a bit. But Iíll get thru it as I always do. Maybe easier days again are just around the corner. Weíll see what happens here going forward. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt
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