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Fishing Report Posted: July 18, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 18, 2021 at 14:36:43:

Fabulous fishing! Simply fabulous. I ended my last report hoping for the huge schools of Walleyes to move into the Ashtabula area. Not that the fishing leading up to now has been all that terrible. I think Iíve limited every one of my groups that I ran leading up to my last report except for maybe 2 or 3 groups where we fell just a few fish short. But I still wanted it better and easier for myself! Lol! And it happened! And like overnight too! I donít think the text from my last report had fully circulated cyber space and the world wide web when like magically and like somebody flipped a switch the Walleye fishing around here went from pretty good to like, well fabulous!

The offshore fishing that we now have all of a sudden out there is simply almost too good to believe. Where such a humongous school of fish can come from and practically overnight like it happened is one of life's biggest mystery's to me! It seems like now anywhere from 10 to 12 miles out clear to at least the Canadian line and as far east or west as you care to run is just one massive blanket of Walleyes. There are certainly pods of fish within this stretch that are denser then other areas but you never really go very far without seeing continuous fish marks on the fish finder sonar or without the rods bending. Itís finally as good as it gets! If you canít catch fish out there right now, you really should just take up golf or sunbathing or something! Lol!

The only way it could be any better now is if the darn weather would ever give us a break. Man will it ever quit raining and blowing up here? I bet since I last wrote, I bet weíve received at least a half a foot of rain and maybe, just maybe so much more! This past week alone I bet itís rained practically everyday. Several of those days I know the meteorologists have been measuring the rain fall in the inches! If I wasnít already in a boat, heck Iíd be tempted to build me an Ark! Lol! But itís never the rain that bothers us the most. Itís the rain wrapped winds that seem to accommodate all of that precipitation. Thankfully our days have been productively quick and many of the days weíve had more travel time involved coming and going then in actual fishing time. But nobody seems to complain that the day is over when the box is plum full and the winds are building and the rain starts to come down!

So the Mother load is indeed finally here. Everybody and I mean everybody is limiting out. Itís been a mad and frantic rush back to the fish cleaners everyday. Our early morning departures continue to pay us big dividends for all of my guests in a multitude of different ways. Itís been just an amazing early morning bite and weíve been able to get our fish and get back to the dock on most days before everybody else gets buried in the fish cleaning line. I often say I donít really care if we are the very first ones back but we certainly do not want to be one of the last ones back, and that's for sure!
The weeks continue to click off. The next time I write again it will be August! Meaning only a couple of more months left in my season at that point. Every year itís been a whirl wind and a blur and with each passing year it seems like it goes even faster then the year before if that is even possible! But in the mean time Iím going to enjoy this easy fishing that has now set in! Happy days are truly here again!

Capt. Walt
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