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Fishing Report Posted: June 20, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 20, 2021 at 12:26:22:

Excellent fishing many days for us. With the exceptional hiccup. The thing about only doing fishing reports every two weeks is so much can and does change in that long a time period. I can also always only speak for myself. Aboard The Trophy we have been blessed to have really put the whooping on the Walleyes on many days even on days where most seem to struggle. That does not make me happy nor does that give me a lot of confidence that things are good out there and that easy times are here to stay. More like that we were just very fortunate on many of those days. I would much rather that everybody is killing them day in and day out and all in record time. That would be more of a indicator that the tide has changed out there then a string of nice catches that we have been lucky enough to put together aboard The Trophy.

I would say that things are actually getting tougher for all of us here as of late. My offshore bite has really been drying up on me the last couple of days and this past weekend we really struggled where only days earlier it was so much easier for us. The marks on the sonar for the most part were flat out gone and bites subsequently were few and far between. Though we ended up with a fair amount of fish on both days, my string of perfect limits that again I feel very fortunate to have put together this year came to a screeching end. Saturday we struggled just to get into the double digits, albeit the Walleyes were exceptionally big that day including one big boy that went 8 lbs! Sunday was much better for us as a whole with 19 fish captured in rather short order and a early quit due to the folks wanting to knock off early because of afternoon Fathers Day festivities that they had planned. But still, I donít think the fish are filling in all that well offshore for us yet. If you hit a nice little pocket out there like we did on Sunday, you do alright. But there is a whole lot of water out there that is completely void of fish as of the time of this writing in my opinion. That could all change tomorrow, the next day, next week or who knows when. It seems like every year right about now we go through a time period where things are very weird for a week or two. It sure seems to me that we are now entering that time period.

As of this weekend, it seems like the only real game in town all of a sudden is back in the real shallow water that always seems to hold some Walleyes. Problem with that is that as the water warms, the dinky undersized baby Walleyes that are in there as well really start to fire making it nearly impossible to have a lure out there long enough to entice a larger fish. And even though there are some really nice sized fish in there, the bulk of the ďkeepersĒ in there are not nowhere near as nice as the offshore Walleyes that roam the deep water. There are also scattered very nice Steelhead off shore most days. In the skinny water tight to shore you have Sheephead, White Bass, stupid Catfish and other undesirables to make that experience even more unpleasant. Ugh.

So by the time I write again it will be July. Things will surely have changed once again. Hopefully some larger schools of fish will have arrived and for the summer. The pods of fish that I have been fishing here the last couple of weeks are small and are really on the move right now. Here one day, gone the next. A wise old charter captain told me a long time ago, the problem with fish is that they swim! Lol! Weíll see. The weather this past week didnít exactly make things easier for us either. Weíve had plenty of fronts and high winds to contend with. What we need is some stable weather so things can gel up out there instead of pushing what fish we do have out there all over the place. Simply exhausting out there right now being a charter captain trying to fill the box every day. Itís going to be even worst if we are forced to fish in the shallows for any extended amount of time. Iím not liking what Iím seeing right now. Itís got to get better, right?

Capt. Walt
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