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Fishing Report Posted: June 06, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 06, 2021 at 12:20:13:

Going well! At least after we got through last weekends weather event that is! The last time I wrote I mentioned we had some wind coming at us for the following week. Wee Bob was that ever a understatement! We had a full force gale that lasted a full 48 hours! Sustained east, northeast winds in excess of 50 mph hammered Lake Erie's south shores causing massive flooding and destructive waves that destroyed numerous docks and boats from Port Clinton clear to Fairport Harbor just west of Ashtabula. Fortunately The Trophy bucked through whatever was thrown at her and came out unscathed like a boss. Numerous checks and adjustments to the dock lines along with adding many extra ropes helped saved the day. Truly a awe inspiring event that shows everyone how small we all are against the forces of nature. I can not even imagine what people that actually ride out a hurricane endure!

But for as fast as it came up on us and for how long it lasted, as soon as it passed it was as if nothing had ever happened. Most all captains on Lake Erie dread the first day back to work after a wind event like that. And perhaps elsewhere on the lake there may have been setbacks. But here out of Ashtabula Ohio if anything, the fishing got even better and certainly got easier for at least me! Go figure! But Iím not complaining! Aboard The Trophy we are back to our winning ways with a perfect string of limit catches daily now along with some really dandy Steelhead mixed in. And although it is never a race, what was taking us close to 8 hours to limit out has now been reduced to mid morning on average with even me reeling in a few extra fish at the end of the day on most days! Lol!

Average size has been running I would say 3 to 4 pounds easy. Earlier in the year I posted a picture of a local seafood market having Walleye fillets selling for $20 bucks a pound. Assuming ball park figure that you have 50% waste cleaning that 4 pound fish, that still leaves you with a $40 dollar value fish that you are taking home! Of coarse not all the fish are 4 pounders and you may not get quite a 50% return but still, you get the idea! And thatís just for one fish! Everybody here lately has been getting their full 6 fish per person. Man I can almost smell that Peanut Oil heating up as I type all of this! Mmmmm!

So now we are well into June. It is no longer lonely out there. Along With the Memorial Day holiday which has come and gone the onslaught of central basin boaters has begun. Word has gotten out that the Walleyes are here. Other charters are starting to get in on the game. Things are really starting to heat up. But I donít mind it. There are plenty of fish out there to go around! I pretty much do my own thing anyway. Aboard The Trophy we are like the Marines. We get more done by 6am then most people do all day! Haha! Even if it does mean that I have to get up at 2:30am everyday. YIKES! But it works for me and all of my very loyal guests that I have had for many, many years now. Everyone that fishes aboard The Trophy knows the routine. For us itís kinda like Larry the Cable Guy... ďGet er Done!Ē See you guys back here in a couple of more weeks...

Capt. Walt
Trophy Charters

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