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Fishing Report Posted: May 23, 2021

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 23, 2021 at 11:57:52:

Back in business and business as usual! And business is good! Fishing for us resumed aboard The Trophy this past week and catching has been quite good. These early season trips remind me of what I have always enjoyed about May fishing. You really have to be on top of your game to consistently catch nice boxes of fish this early. Nothing is almost automatic like later in the summer when everybody becomes a Walleye catching ďheroĒ. I guess thatís why nobody else wants to run trips up here this early. You have to earn your right to keep your head up high everyday!

Most days there are next to no boats out there this early. This past week was no exception and it was like a ghost town out there. Just the way we like it! You just barely have to keep a watchful eye out. You can make zig zag trolls at will and make big leisurely turns instead of being forced into sharp panic turns because of other rude, non attentive boaters that all believe that they have the right of way. Yes, itís a different world out here in May. And I love it!

The weather has been a thing of beauty as well for us. I simply can not describe how incredibly pleasant it was out on the lake this past week. Dead flat seas with just a gentle ripple each day. Itís as if the lake was welcoming me back and easing me back into the game. I know the real Lake Erie is hiding just behind the curtains but at least for now I have been enjoying one of the nicest, longest stretches of absolutely perfect weather out on the water that I can remember. This coming week looks as if we will have some wind to contend with but temperatures look to hold at normal or slightly above normal. Perhaps we are done with the wild temperature swings that we experienced the first half of this month.

So it begins. Year 35 for myself. Just crazy how it seems like we just frigging celebrated my 30th anniversary of chartering. And thatís already been 5 years ago now! Longer then most of these new charters have been in business from this new onslaught of charter captains that have seemingly exploded into the scene on the lake since the Walleye population has multiplied. But I wish them all well. In my mind it was just yesterday that I myself took a chance and jumped in with both feet. But lets see how many of these new guys make 35 years! Lol! OK, enough of this nonsensical musings about myself. Back to the report. Fishing is good and it will only will get better. What more is there to say? See you in June!

Capt. Walt

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]