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Fishing Report Posted: June 21, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 21, 2020 at 11:07:44:

Another GREAT summer! Although I havenít run that many trips yet so far this year, Iíve run enough trips to know that our fishing and my season off of Ashtabula, Ohio is off to a fabulous start! I say start, but have to laugh to myself. I canít help but think about when not that many years ago I used to have the boat in the water in the month of March and was running charters by the 1st of April! My how things have changed for myself over the years. Some things by choice, some things by circumstances.

But start we have and fishing is about as good as it can be. I donít want to dwell on it because I donít think I can pull it off 3 years in a row but as in the last 2 seasons other then coming up a few fish short of limits on my first charter of the year, every trip there after this year as in the past 2 years has resulted in perfect limits for my guests. Can I do it the rest of the season and make it 3 years straight? I doubt it but it will be fun trying! There are just so many Walleyes out there now that itís really hard not to for everyone that knows what they are doing and if the weather is half way decent.

Speaking of weather, not writing for a couple weeks we have seen just about every weather pattern come and go up here on the north coast. We had record 90 degree + heat, then a strong cold front and now back to the 90ís on Fathers Day weekend. Big winds which resulted in a couple trips that I had to cancel to so hot and flat that we prayed for a bit of a breeze. In other words, just another typical year on Lake Erie! Lol! Water temperatures have surged to the mid 60ís now and the Walleyes metabolism has kicked into high gear. Interestingly enough we also have had a surge in Steelhead Trout activity mixed in with the Walleye catches on some days. This weekend we couldnít get away from them when we had days prior to that where we caught none. Fishing is just so weird!

So in a couple weeks it will already be the 4th of July weekend. The Walleyes are already showing signs of moving well offshore. We sure didnít have much of a stab at them real tight to the shoreline as in other past years. This means fighting much heavier seas probably for the rest of the year further out where it almost always is rougher and certainly much more pain at the pump at the end of the day. But thatís why we run the bigger, safer boats that we do chartering. THE TROPHY is up for the challenge. Iím not quite so sure about her captain but weíll give it our best shot. Lol! OK Iíll probably stick to this every other week fishing report schedule for a while longer if not for the rest of the year. It kinda feels good not to have to sit down each weekend and scramble to have to come up with a big article like I have been doing all these past years. I guess Iím getting both old and lazy nowadays. Ha! Happy Fathers Day all you Dadís out there!

Capt. Walt
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