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Fishing Report Posted: June 07, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 07, 2020 at 11:49:36:

So I suppose itís time to finally write a little something about fishing. Even though the entire world and especially this country has gone totally bizarreo here the last few months the Walleyes donít seem to care much and their doing their thing as always. THE TROPHY has finally had a chance to get out there and test the waters. And as always, the Walleye are there, they are plentiful and they are more then eager to play. Really nothing new to report as compared to all the other years that Iíve fished up here. You can go through any of my archived fishing reports from over the years for the second week of June and that could be today, yesterday or tomorrows report. The Walleyes are all in same near shore areas. The fish are high in the water column. And everybody is catching them. If life was just about Walleye fishing on Erie, you could say that life is good. Itís a shame that there are so many other threats and distractions nowadays in our daily lives.

Might be one of them years for me. After a brutal start to my season with stay at home orders, cancellations from fearful anglers, and lack of any really new business interest, I start fishing finally and pretty much immediately proceed to smack a submerged log. Iím like, are you frigging kidding me? So out comes the boat with a pricey lift from the local marina and then pay to have the props switched out with my spares which thankfully I do own. I really appreciated the fast service from the marina because they are swamped with yard work that they had to put on hold basically all of April and most of May during the same stay at home orders. Thank you Sutherland Marine! Iíve since run my damaged props to Cleveland, the nearest hi tech prop repair shop to have them fixed ASAP so I once again can have a back up set available should disaster come knocking again. They as well are swamped at the prop shop and really back logged so who knows when Iíll get them back. I did come home with a nice repair estimate however. Just a mere $677 dollars. YIKES what a expensive ďbumpĒ at such a inopportune time!

So hopefully things will settle down for me and we can salvage the remainder of the year. As I mentioned before the fish are here. Everything seems on schedule out this way. Water temps have finally cracked the magical 60 degree mark and fishing is really good now. For as much as Iíve been out there, we have caught Walleyes on practically everything Iíve tried. Best techniques still seem to be the deep diving stick crank baits run shallow on braid line off the big planer boards. But soon it will be a all spoon bite. I look forward to that because Iím about sick & tired of dealing with all the multi treble hooks on the crank baits hopelessly tangling in the net each time after we net a fish. What a pain in the butt! OK, this somewhat of a fishing report will be on the shorter side. And at this point, Iím not sure that Iíll be doing weekly reports at least for a while longer. I still have some open dates I need to work through. Between that and loosing the occasional trip to weather which already has happened to me (ugh) there may be some weeks where Iím hurting for material to write about. Weíll see what happens...

Capt. Walt
*Because of the current situation we find ourselves with plenty of open dates to offer to anyone that would love to get out of the house and have a exciting day fishing out on Lake Erie's fresh air and wide openness. Call me for the very latest availability. 216-387-2656 mobile/ text

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