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Fishing Report Posted: May 24, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 24, 2020 at 14:56:01:

We are in the water! But we have not run any charters yet. My little fishing business took a exceptionally big hit this month of May because of the Corona fears and the stay at home orders. Things look much better for me in June however so that will be our official start up date this year I guess. After being ordered to not run any trips earlier this month, we have gotten the go ahead to resume running charters. Non resident license are back up on sale again and many other captains are running trips already. I want to address a few things pertaining to my upcoming trips that I am going to be running here soon. I can only speak for myself. What other charters choose to do or not to do is none of my business

First of all, I am way ahead of the curve. I cut my party size to 4 people already a long time ago and Iíve had a touch less big Purell foam hand sanitization station on my boat long before it was ever cool! That in itself meets many of the suggested safe guards that we have been asked to try and follow. Iím going to run through a few other things that I am going to do to try and keep everyone safe. Including myself! OK, first of all, party size. 4 is the PERFECT size group. It always has been and is especially now. My boat is big and spacious. If you canít spread 4 people out on my boat, you canít on any boat. When traveling out to the fishing grounds and back, I am asking (telling! lol!) everyone that you must remain seated. I have a big roomy dinette up front. We are going to seat only 2 people at this seating arrangement. One in the forward seat and one in the back seat. Although I have yet to receive it because it is back ordered, I have ordered a clear restaurant table style sneeze guard to split the table and that particular area in half. Hopefully it should arrive here soon before I get too busy. The remainder 2 people in my party will be asked to sit and stay put while traveling on the engine box seating out back. One on each side.

Masks: OK, Iím not making anyone to wear a mask while on my boat. I am strongly asking everyone to please bring their own mask along with them however. This will be important for when possibly we can not ďsocial distanceĒ. For example like when we get back to the marina which has their own set of rules that they have been ordered to obey by the health department. Say like multiple charters get back all at the same time. I also encourage everyone to use one when we are forced to be close to each other while fishing. Believe me, I will have one handy at all times myself! Should somebody desire one and they forgot to bring their own, we will have a limited supply of clean commercially made & individually packed masks available on the boat to help keep everyone stay safe. Hand cleaners: As I mentioned earlier, I have a really nice hospital grade touch less hand sanitizing station mounted in my boat. As everybody boards, Iím going to have everyone take several good squirts of foam and rub your hands down good as if you were a surgeon about to go into surgery! Ha!

Besides the mounted hand station there will be many smaller bottles of hand sanitizer within easy reach of anywhere on the boat. I encourage everyone to feel free to take a squirt often and especially if you happen to cough or sneeze. On my end we are going to be wiping all the gear down with Clorox wipes before the trip and after the trip and thru out the day as well. The entire boat will get a thorough cleaning each day also. We need to respect each other with this so called ďnew normalĒ. Sadly, no more hand shakes and hugs. We need to give each other as much space as possible at all times. No more standing right next to me when talking. I will be watching and correcting everyone as needed. Please donít think that I am being rude. But remember, not only am I trying to protect you, I am trying to protect myself as well from a new group of different people fishing with me each and every day. And finally and most importantly of all, if you are not feeling good or you have a cold or something, DO NOT COME! If you have or have had a fever in the last 14 days, again DO NOT COME! Iíve lost so many trips already this year that I really donít care at this point! (kinda) I only want healthy individuals! But for those of you that do come this year, other then some of these mere inconvenience's fishing should once again be beyond fabulous And in the end, it will still be ďJust another day on THE TROPHYí! Stay safe my friends and I still hope to see most of you this coming summer!

Capt. Walt
*Because of the current situation we find ourselves with plenty of open dates to offer to anyone that would love to get out of the house and have a exciting day fishing out on Lake Erie's fresh air and wide openness. Call me for the very latest availability. 216-387-2656 mobile/ text

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