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Fishing Report Posted: April 01, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 01, 2020 at 02:41:31:

Good news, bad news! The good news is THE TROPHY is just about ready to go! After dumping a TON of money and many, many man hours of work into the big project this winter, THE TROPHY once again has brand spanking new engines! Everything mechanical and electrical associated with the engines has been upgraded as well. Brand new motors, new transmissions, new gauges to monitor our new high output alternator, new everything! She looks good and runs GREAT purring like a kitten! Joyce has been very busy as well cleaning and waxing the daylights out of the hull and all the other surfaces. The boats bottom has a fresh new coat of anti fouling bottom paint. THE TROPHY is basically ready to rock and roll!

The bad news is what's happening in the world right now. The Covid-19 virus has virtually affected every person and business in the whole wide world. Unfortunately my little fishing business is no exception. Right now we are under a stay at home order and charters are considered non essential. Although I would really like to be in the water sometime this month, my charters do not start in earnest till the middle of May here in Ashtabula since I no longer go to Port Clinton for the early spring fishing. That’s a month and a half away at this point and much can and most likely will change by then. At this point I hope and fully plan on having another great season and the minute travel restrictions are eased, we’ll be back in the water and ready to show everyone a great time! I will let everyone know what’s up when actual trip dates draw nearer. In the mean time, I hope everyone remains safe and that we can all return to normalcy sooner then later. Take care my friends...

Capt. Walt

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