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Fishing Report Posted: January 01, 2020

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 01, 2020 at 09:07:09:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A brand new year in a a whole new decade and in just a few short months, yet another new fishing season for us! 2020! Just saying that makes me have to take pause. This will be the 5th decade that I will have chartered in! Starting in the 80ís, all through all the 90ís, the 2000ís, the 2010ís and now the beginning of the 2020ís. Wow! And through out all the past decades we experienced some of the very best Walleye fishing imaginable. But as spectacular as it has been, itís nothing compared to what is setting up to happen this coming decade out on Lake Erie. There is just a unprecedented population of Walleyes swimming around out there right now. Starting in 2015, we've had nothing but record Walleye hatches after hatches. And what started a few years ago after the 2015 hatch with nonstop nuisance undersized fish has blossomed into something so fabulous, so fantastic that mere words can not describe it. The lake is now teaming with several new year classes of adult very catchable Walleyes that most likely this year will all average around 4 to 5 pounds! The last couple of years the Walleye fishing was already just about as fast as you could catch them on most days. The only thing different this coming year will be that they will all be just that much bigger! And all the record breaking hatches since that 2015 hatch will insure that this crazy good fishing will continue for many more years to come. So very exciting!

I am thrilled to have such good fishing come along as my long career as a full time Lake Erie charter captain begins to wind down. The easier fishing is about the only thing that is easy on me anymore. Every year just getting the boat ready for another year of fishing becomes more and more challenging. I just donít bend and move around like I used to. An incredible amount of work goes into getting THE TROPHY to look like a brand spanking new boat before we put her back in the water each year. This winters projects include a complete re-powering with all brand new motors amongst other things. We always do everything ourselves and itís a lot of work! Most people will never understand just how much and how many days we put in working on the old girl each off season. And the long punishing season of fishing and getting beat up almost every day in Lake Erie's harsh conditions gets harder and harder for me to take with each passing year that I grow older as well. Again, most will never understand as they only fish one day with me and are done till next year again. But it is what I do and I am so very thankful that the fishing is so very rewarding now at the very least. People ask me all the time, how much longer am I going to keep doing this? I keep answering, I just donít know. And I really donít. All I know for sure is that we are gearing up for my 34th year right now and I am still excited to be doing so. Itís one year at a time for me now from here on out. None the less, I look forward to having all of you, my good friends back out again this summer for ďJust another day on The TrophyĒ! See everybody soon!

Capt. Walt

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