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Fishing Report Posted: September 08, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 08, 2019 at 08:26:31:

22 more days! But, hey... who’s counting? Lol! That’s how many more days before THE TROPHY gets the big jerk. We’re really close now to pulling off our second year in a row of a perfect string of limits for all the guests that have fished with us. Last year in 2018 we got started on our perfect string around June the 4th or somewhere there abouts. Every trip thereafter we limited out all my parties right up to the last trip that I ran. This year in 2019 it took only one trip before we got back into those same winning ways. Every charter that have I run since May the 11th of this summer has resulted in a perfect limit of Walleyes for everyone. At a minimum, perfect limits for all my guests on-board which is all that you are really legally allowed to have as you leave the marina. But in reality most days we came in with a total boat limit including the ones that I caught and ended up giving to my guys. 22 more days away from another perfect record. See, I’m counting the days down for more then just one reason!

I have to laugh. The number one thing I hear from practically every group that fishes with me and even the ones that have fished with me for years and years (besides when are you retiring, lol!) is “you must have a freezer full of Walleyes”! How in the heck do I have a “freezer full” when I give all the fish that I catch on a charter to my guests everyday so they can have nice full baggies of fillets when they leave. I could and should keep all MY fish but I don’t! I think most groups do appreciate it when it happens but I think everybody also assumes that I have plenty of fish. I don’t! I always figure that I as a boat owner should be able to sneak out sometime and get a few for myself (although it rarely happens). But for most of my guests, especially the once a year guys this is their one and only chance to take home some fresh Walleye fillets and I want everyone to leave as loaded and happy as possible. But everybody needs to remember that the limit is still only six Walleyes that you are legally allowed to catch and possess and that is what my string of perfect limits is based on. YOUR LIMITS! If I catch a few extras and give them away that’s a BONUS for you but still results in a empty freezer for me! Lol!

So this past weeks weather was quite delightful. The last handful of days have been just about as perfect as it gets. Light winds and a light chop along with very comfortable temperatures and low humidity. Just so nice when you’re not battling the big waves everyday! And on top of that the Walleyes have finally moved back in making it even sweeter for us. The downside is along with the nicer weather and the Walleyes being in much closer all of a sudden especially on the weekends is all the crazy boat traffic! YIKES! I haven’t had to battle all of that since way early this summer. But I’ll take the near shore bite and pleasant weather along with the heavy boat traffic over what we went thru the past 6 weeks or so fishing well offshore. It was one windy August! Hopefully we can keep this nice weather going for the next few weeks.

So that’s about it. Fishing is still excellent and everything is chugging along nicely for everyone. As I mentioned in the beginning of this report and last weeks entry, I myself am coming out of the water at the end of this month. If anybody would still like to get out and fish with me before it’s all over I do still have a few open dates left before I pull. Call, text or email me for a listing of up to the minute availability's. And if they do go unfilled, maybe, just maybe I’ll get out a day or so and do something about that darn empty freezer of mine! It probably will be the first day that I can’t catch any this year! Ha!

Capt. Walt

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