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Fishing Report Posted: September 01, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 01, 2019 at 13:19:49:

September! My last month of chartering for this season! It is with mixed emotions that I flip the page of the calendar to my final few weeks of fishing. THE TROPHY has been in the water since April and I have been running trips since early May here in Ashtabula. Fishing is so good now a days that I find myself sorry to see it end. Yet end it will but only by my choice. The fish arenít going anywhere but I know the weather is going to turn for the worst and stay that way and Iím thru fighting it for one year. Last year I stayed in the water much longer then I had planned. Well past when my fishing reports ended and it was all for naught. Although I picked up a few trips in October, we just never got out. The wind just never gave us a chance. I ended up loosing most everything I had scheduled and just ended up sitting around baby sitting the boat. Iím not going to let a great season end on a sour note again like it did for me last year. Come October the 1st, THE TROPHY will be sitting high and dry and will be beginning to enjoy a well deserved break from the water. Just like her captain!

Perhaps October this year will be tranquil and more kinder then most Octobers around here. I mean, the stupid wind has to give us a break sometime, right? It sure wasnít this past week! Holy Cow! I do believe this past week was the windiest week of this whole season! It was just plain nasty every day. To the point where I ended up cancelling a couple of days, did some weather delays on some other days and just fished in real crap all the rest of the days. Itís weeks like this past week that helped me make up my mind about the boat coming out early this year! In years past when we Perch fished before all the Perch disappeared on us, we fished well into November some years. But that was completely different. We weren't trying to troll well offshore. We went out, anchored the boat and just still fished over the side of the boat. You could literally easily fish in 5-6 footers just a couple miles out and fill the boat with Jumbo Perch where if you had to Walleye fish on those days, there would have been no way. But since that ship has sailed on us and knowing that the real winds are just around the corner, Iím just going to focus on trying to get the remainder of my September trips in and get out of Dodge while the getting is good! Lol!

Although it was a windy, rough week out on the lake especially offshore it sure didnít slow down the Walleye fishing any. Most days it seemed like it took us longer to get out to the fishing grounds and then back home again then it did to get boat limits of Walleye for everyone! The fishing is still simply FABULOUS! Most of the big winds that we had this past week were southwest winds. A wind direction that donít seem quite so bad when you first leave the harbor. But then with each passing mile that you get out it just gets rougher and rougher. And you know once you get to where you want to go, youíre going to have to troll even further out with the wind and waves to your back with the lake getting even rougher. Then when you do finish up, the real fun begins! You have to turn around and pound straight into a head sea all the way home. A long, bumpy ride home! Oh, it was so easy back in May and June of this year and even most of July before the fish moved out on us! I kid around with my fellow captains back at the dock all the time telling them if a guy was really smart, heíd only charter May, June and July and QUIT! Ha!

So it is September and it is Labor Day weekend. The unofficial end of summer. Itís only a matter of days now before the leaves will start taking on their fall colors. The days are big time staying dark longer and longer with each passing day now. There already is a bit of a nip in the air in the early mornings. All signs reaffirming what the calendar is already telling us. Fall is upon us. Each fall the Walleyes do tend to start moving their way back in closer to shore as the water begins to cool. We are already down to 71 degrees. Down from a high of 77 degrees. I think once we drop back into the 60ís youíll notice a significant movement back into shallower water. Or one can only hope! Weíll see. In the mean time weíll continue to chase them around offshore. Hopefully the heavy wind this whole past week wasn't a precursor of how our remaining weeks are going to go. From what Iím seeing for this coming week it looks nice and like weíve turned the corner for at least the near term. My body is looking forward to that!! OK, as we get into September I do have a handful of open dates for anyone that may be interested in getting in on some of this great Walleye fishing before itís too late. I think this coming week I have Tuesday & Wednesday still available. Give me a call for a complete and up to date list of what is available. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Capt. Walt

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