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Fishing Report Posted: August 11, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 11, 2019 at 10:55:52:

The weeks just keep slipping by. Yet another week has come and gone and still nothing much ever changes for us. Other then the fact that we are fishing a lot further out, the results are the same as every other day. Limits, limits, limits. I think if we ever went back to a full 8 or 9 hour day or we did not limit out it would be quite shocking. And not just for us aboard THE TROPHY, but for everyone really. What a incredible year everyone is having! Everyday we are witnessing something truly special. Fishing has never been as good as it is this year. NEVER. We’ve had plenty of great years and we’ve had many, many years where the fish averaged much bigger but we’ve never handled numbers of fish so consistently and so quickly day after day, week after week, month after month. And they are getting to be really nice chunky Walleyes finally! These offshore fish are eating very well, that’s for sure!

The weather this past week was almost perfect. Almost. The first part of the week was once again very hot with light winds. By Thursday though yet another “cold’ front swept through the area bringing much more pleasant temperatures and more comfortable lower humidity levels but again it came in with a punch. Winds went westerly late morning Thursday and cranked better then 30 mph sustained the rest of the day. It was just getting ugly when we ourselves finished up. Sometime Thursday night the wind went stiff northerly. You want to talk about a washing machine Friday morning with big swells left over from the west and the wind & chop from the northeast! After a long boat ride out we set up on what might be considered big mogul waves and probably the fastest Dipsy bite of the year for me! The rough water had the fish in a feeding frenzy and made the long bumpy ride out to them all the more worth it! Saturday, same thing, rough again but we persevered and were rewarded with 42 Walleyes for my crew of five anglers and a few dinner fish for my 1st mate and myself for a change! Mmmmm!

We are still hitting some Steelhead on a lot of the days off shore now. Not everyday but a lot of the days. I had a interesting thing happen one day this week with them. We had 2 different rods go off simultaneously with a pair of trout and just that fast simultaneously both Steelhead came shooting out of the water at the very same exact time! One was on a short inside #1 Dipsy on the starboard side of the boat and the other one came off the down rigger from the same starboard corner of the boat. The lures could not have been that many feet apart. The silver bullets continued to put on a spectacular aerial show and when one jumped, the other jumped as well! We were actually feeding out a Jet rod long line right out the middle of the boat when all the chaos started and one of the trout hooked literally jumped up and over that line but did not tangle it or anything else amazingly enough! Both trout not only jumped multiple times at the very exact same time and height but both ended up coming in to the back of the boat at what seemed like 90 mph at the very exact time! Lol! Not having much choice I made one huge sweep underwater at both of them with my net and wasn’t quite sure I had both of them till I actually lifted the net! A true double header Steelhead catch! Man, I wish we could have captured all of that on video! It was pretty darn cool!

Double headers of Walleye and netting two Walleyes at a time? Those I’ve done many hundreds of times if not thousands of times over the coarse of 33 years of full time chartering. Interesting enough, the two Steelhead were barely removed from the net when the very two next Walleyes came in hot at the very exact time so I swept them both up in one sweep as well! Like I said, it would have all made for great video! So this coming week we will be entering the mid point of this month. Already! OK, it’s been a while since I plugged any available open dates that I have but I recently received a couple of cancellations for the end of this month which isn’t that far away including a attractive rare Friday that I would like to put out there. As of right now I have Wednesday August the 28th open and Friday August the 30th open as well. Both would be an excellent choice for someone as our Walleye fishing remains excellent right through all of September. Anybody interested in either of these dates as always can reach me at any time on my mobile number (216) 387-2656 Call or text. Till next week, tight lines.

Capt. Walt

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