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Fishing Report Posted: August 04, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 04, 2019 at 12:40:40:

August! The dog days of summer. Hot, humid and hazy. And right on queue the Walleyes have moved well off shore right along with the heat. Anyone thinking that it wouldnít happen this year was just having pipe dreams. It has been two summers in a row where we were blessed that the fish stayed in real close for as long as they did but Iíve never seen a summer where come August that they weren't way out. This year apparently is no exception. It truly amazes me how that many fish can seemingly move out that far almost overnight! And along with moving out, predictably the fish have dropped in the water column to depths that we have not had to deal with yet this summer. Aboard THE TROPHY we have not missed a stroke. We moved out right along with the fish each day and have adjusted our lines accordingly and have managed to keep our unbelievable streak of limit catches for everyone in tact!

The weather this past week out on the big pond could best be described as pleasant but just plain choppy every day out there. Not horribly rough mind you but just rough enough to force one way trolls and some uncomfort for some of my guests. It sure is a different world once you are out 10-15 miles. Long boat rides out to the fishing grounds and back are now the norm. The slightest of breezes result in considerable wave action. The big packs of boats that were all fishing on top of each other when the fish were stacked in the shallow water are now nowhere to be found out there. You may see a handful of boats scattered out on the horizon but thatís been about it. Iím sure it will get a little more crowded out there as the word gets out that the fish have moved out but thatís a whole lot of water out there and the vastness of it all can absorb hundreds and hundreds of boats and make it seem like no one is out there. Thatís the one thing I do like about being way out there but thatís about the only thing. Fuel bills have become ugly now and bouts of sea sickness have become way too common here lately. Big water offshore fishing can be big head aches at times but as always aboard THE TROPHY we do whatever we have to do to fill the box each day!

This past week I got to participate in a multi boat corporate event organized by Capt. Tim Caruthers of T&V charters. It involved 7 boats! All the boats at my marina were included as were a couple of others from upriver. This was a well organized executive outing and the company that sponsored it all spared no expense in hosting such a large function. They had high end shirts made up for all captains, mates and team members. And a friendly tournament was also sponsored by the company amongst the 7 boats with 4 man teams on each boat and generous prizes for the top 3 boats. What fun! All of the boats were released with a ďshot gunĒ start and everything was filmed by the company including drone footage! I am looking forward to seeing the footage! All the boats returned well before the time allotted and everyone had easily limited out. Although we had a nice limit of Walleyes on our boat as well, sadly, we ourselves just didnít have that one or two big fish that it took to place in the money for the boys. But lots of fun was had by all and the after party was great and generously catered by the company as well. Thanks Capt. Tim for including me in your large group charter. I had a ball!

So another week is in the books. We are now fishing way, way out there where you never know what youíre going to catch. We are finally handling some Steelhead Trout almost daily off shore now and we even managed to catch a beautiful Brown Trout this past week which is quite rare for our part of the lake. Funny so many captains that I know have never caught one off Ashtabula but somehow it seems like we catch at least one every year! The weather forecast for this upcoming week appears to be a really nice one. Hopefully winds will remain light as well and allow us to do our thing without beating anybody up too terribly much. I could stand for a little break from all the rocking and rolling myself! Lol!

Capt. Walt

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