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Fishing Report Posted: July 28, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 28, 2019 at 10:33:37:

Three days of hard north winds! The week before last we had almost a weeks worth of unbearable humidity and heat. In closing in last weekends fishing report I mentioned that relief was on itís way. And oh boy did we ever get it but at a price! We awoke Monday to a sweeping cold front that had settled in over the lake overnight. The heat was gone and it was actually quite comfortable but the wind and the flags were snapping. Dead out of the north east. Ugh! We sucked it up, loaded up and went anyway. Then to add insult to injury, it started to rain out there after we arrived! The wind was blowing so hard it was blowing the rain under the hardtop clear up to the dashboard. Talk about miserable! Using only Dipsys, even in the stout waves we easily got the parties limit of fish and got the heck out of there! No extra fish that day and no arguments when I said we were quitting! Lol!

Tuesday, I go down to the boat and itís blowing even harder then Monday morning. With the winds forecasted to back off I made a executive decision to do a weather delay and rather then leave at 5am, to leave at 7am with full daylight on our side. 7am turned into a 8am delay and with hardly any improvement in conditions and us burning daylight, we decided to try it at this point. After a long slow bouncy boat ride out we arrived and proceeded to set lines. It was a beautiful day otherwise. The rain was gone and not a cloud in the sky and the fish were once again on fire! We got them all and had a ball! Wednesday morning with a ďforecastĒ of light northerly winds and only a 1 to 3 foot wave forecast I was excited to go! Only to be greeted at the marina with 2 footers in the river and all the flags standing straight out AGAIN! Iím like, ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME! Triple Ugh (Tuesday was double Ugh)! Not wanting to sit around again like we did the day before, we decided to just go for it. And like dťjŗ vu, we had a long bouncy ride out and a gorgeous sunny day after arriving even though the waves were still pretty big. And as the previous two days, the rods were bending fast and furious and everyone had great fun and was very thankful that I took them out where many others cancelled their trips.

Thursday and the rest of the week it was like the past 3 days had never happened. Flat seas, kinda hot and kinda buggy with the lack of wind. Once again the Walleyes cared little. Rough lake, flat seas, there's just no stopping these fish! You get a lure in the water and they will bite it no matter what! With me forced the last few days into having to run up north into deeper water to start, it reaffirmed something that I already knew. There are plenty of fish up north well offshore. And when the lake went flat the rest of the week and fishing seemingly being a bit slower near shore, I just pointed it north and trolled our way out to 70 foot plus of water and got the job done easily each day out there. I guess itís finally happening and weíre going to have start to plying the offshore waters more and more with each passing day now. That means the real easy and economical part of the season is over with for me sadly now. Iíve said it before. Fishing well offshore each day presents itís own unique set of challenges with the biggest being much rougher water out there each day. Oh well. Thatís why I own a Cherokee Sport Fisherman. Itís a big ďbig waterĒ boat built for snotty water and the charter professionals.

So this week we flip the calendar from July to August. Already. We blew thru July in what seemed to be like a blink of an eye. Before this month is over the kids will be back in school and football season will have already started. All signs to me that yet another year is nearly in the books. The easiest part of the season is definitely behind us now. Hopefully the remaining couple months are a little kinder in the weather department. Iím getting kind of tired of fishing in the rain and I know I donít want to do another 3 days in a row like I did earlier this past week for a long time. That took a lot out of me! As a matter of fact, Iím starting to get a bit worn down period. Not that most days have been long and that hard but itís the routine that will eventually wear you down. Getting up everyday at 3am and doing everything over and over and over. And Iím still not sure what is more tiring. Being out there all day long picking at these fish or the frantic hectic pace that we have each day for 3 or 4 hours nowadays! Either way, Iíll get through these next 2 months. At least thatís what I keep telling myself! Two more months! Man, I got this!

Capt. Walt

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