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Fishing Report Posted: July 21, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 21, 2019 at 11:34:15:

One HOT week! Wow was the weather ever ridiculously hot this past week but the fishing for the Walleyes was even HOTTER! Water temperatures have now soared to 75 degrees or better and the Walleyes metabolism is in super high gear. Not that they haven't been biting very well for us all year long but now they are spitting up all kinds of minnows as we go to unhook them. You better not be looking at them as you work on getting the hooks loose because many of them literally erupt and squirt water along with a pile of tiny minnows straight out at you! There must have been recent hatches of bait out there because most of the minnows that are being puked up are smaller then your fingernail. And many of the Walleyes are just loaded with these little micro fish. The Walleyes must just swim through the schools of bait with their mouths open and literally inhale these tiny little offerings like a vacuum cleaner!

These fish are literally in a feeding frenzy, especially at the crack of dawn. Yet packed with as many minnows as some of them are they still go after our rather large spoons (in relation to what they are actually eating now). I guess there's always room for ďjust one moreĒ! Ha! It was another week of easy straight up boat limits for us aboard THE TROPHY. However many people total are on the boat each day is how many limits of fish we come back in with. Maybe not in record time each day but I am not trying to set any records either. In fact, again most days this past week we only ran 4 rods. Two Jet rods per side. For one thing Iím trying to slow things down and drag it out for as long as I can for my guys and secondly even with so few rods out, thatís all we can keep up with! Iíve never seen anything like it! I know most of my reports are starting to sound like a broken record by now but itís a GREAT album to be stuck on! Lol!

Besides being miserably hot this past week we even had one morning where we fished through the remnants of what was left of tropical storm Barry. Wednesday morning as I arrived to the boat to start my day I was greeted by a deluge! I donít know that it could rain any harder! The sky literally would open up and buckets and buckets would come straight down. Then it would pause for a little bit and then start right back up again. We set up out there in total darkness and pouring rain and with all my LEDís all lit up, it was a awesome site to see with the rain dumping down being illuminated by the high power lights! It looked like something out of the Deadliest Catch TV show! But as any other day out there regardless of the weather, the fish were on fire in both the darkness and the crazy heavy down pours. Iím not quite sure if it was miserable that morning or just super exciting. Maybe a little bit of both and definitely a memorable experience!

So some relief is on itís way for this coming week. Right now many of the days in next weeks forecast from what Iím seeing is calling for some of the days temperatures to be only in the 70ís. Man, after this past week Iím going to have to put on a coat! Haha! I canít wait really. Even though weíve been finishing up at a decent time each day before the real heat kicks in, being that uncomfortable that many days in a row grows old quickly. Iím probably the busiest man on the boat each day running the hectic show in the back of the boat and keeping everyone going and netting fish and unhooking them (and having them spit in my face tiny minnows. Ugh) and Iíve had more then my fill of the sweat running in my eyes and down my back (not to mention other places that Iím not going to mention!) Weíll see. One things for sure. Iíll report for work everyday regardless of the conditions and the Walleyes will do their part as they have been doing all year long in this unbelievable dream season!

Capt. Walt

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