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Fishing Report Posted: July 14, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 14, 2019 at 09:09:34:

Another good week! As we have come to expect now, fishing for Walleyes out of the port of Ashtabula Harbor has continued to be as steady and solid as one could wish for. Everyday has been great! The only thing that changes is my crews and the weather. More on the weather in a minute. But otherwise for me it’s been like being trapped in the movie Ground Hog Day. Each day is like the day before. Everyday my alarm goes off at 3am. I make my thermos of coffee (which everyday I pour out because I don’t have time to drink it. Ugh), a quick shower, a bowl of cereal, check my emails and check the weather and out the door and off to the boat. Arriving a little after 4am I start the engines to warm them up and begin to fire up all the systems and electronics. Anybody that has been on my boat especially in the early morning darkness knows I have a LOT of electronics! Lol! Start each unit up, select the correct settings, dim each screen and move on to the next. You'd think I was firing up a Boeing 747 or something! Lol! Anyway, the list goes on and on. I load up my daily ice, set up the planer boards, get all my tackle that we will need for the day ready and pour my first cup of coffee (which is too hot to drink and I will eventually pour out at the end of the day because I didn’t have time to drink it after it cooled off. Did I mention, Ugh?).

All my crews have been very good at arriving on time, somewhere between 4:30 and 5am. I’ve been telling everyone that I want to be off the dock at the latest a few minutes before the 5am lift bridge goes up so that we don’t get caught up in all the boat traffic that is coming out on that draw. Especially on the weekends! The worst thing for me if I get behind other boats is that I can’t use my powerful headlights with someone ahead of me. And with this years flooding conditions, there is a LOT of debris in the water which I rely on my big LED’s to spot before having a tragic collision which can ruin our day and results in possible thousands of dollars of damage to the props, rudders and shafts and so much more. Most days we are the first ones out and I light up the night! I actually see better at night because I am really focused on the water that is illuminated right in front of me and with no morning glare on the water to fight either. First lines in go in with all my side LED’s illuminated now. Again, we see as well as if it were mid day! It’s amazing the technology that is built into todays modern marine LED’s and what $10k worth of this lighting will do to light up the night! The lights are never on very long however as dawn comes quickly and as soon as we can see everything goes off so as not to distract (or attract? lol!) other boats. Most mornings even in the full pre dawn darkness the suicide bite is already happening!

This past week and everyday for me was like all the past ones. Wash, rinse and repeat. We did have a few “breezy” days to contend with however unlike the previous week before last where in last weeks fishing report I had reported that it had been gorgeous all week. But with the right crews for the right days somehow, someway we “got er done” as we always seem to fortunately do and were still back to the dock at a decent time. And the few days smack in the middle of the week were again just flat knock out gorgeous. Just the luck of the draw when you are locked into a day pre booked sometimes as far out as a year in advance. I tell everyone. If you come often enough you’re going to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly! We had a little bit of all of that going on this past week! One consolation is on the “breezy” days” there are no bugs to deal with! Ha!

So this coming weeks weather looks to be another cooker with temperatures almost everyday in the 90’s so there “shouldn’t” be any fronts moving through which means we “shouldn’t” have to deal with any more big winds for at least a few days. We’ll see. “Shouldn’t” sometimes don’t mean crap! It also remains unclear whether we get any remnants of the rain that is going to dump mid country from the tropical storm Barry pounding the coast. As I write this little blog early on in the weekend, I am getting conflicting reports about rain from that system affecting us by about mid week. Gee, just great! More rain. YIKES! Whatever. We’ll get through it. As long as the Walleyes continue to cooperate nicely as they have been, everything else is just a distraction! Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

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