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Fishing Report Posted: June 30, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 30, 2019 at 12:07:04:

“Just another morning on The Trophy” Morning? Wait, what? Hmmmm... It might be time to reconsider my famous catchphrase “Just another day on The Trophy” that I just love to use. It’s been well over a year now except for my 1st trip of this season where we were forced to be out all day or the full 8 hours maximum that all my trips and most all charters are based on. That’s well over a hundred trips for me now where we easily limited out and were back for a late breakfast. Most all of those were total boat limits too with me catching my six Walleyes also! I think this craziness started about a week into June last year and continued the rest of the season last year and pretty much has continued all of this season so far this year!

This past week again was no exception. Fishing was fast and furious! No matter where we went or what we did. The week before I had mentioned that all we used was 4 or 6 Dipsys. Most of the time all but a couple of them would be out of the water as we reeled in and unhooked fish. This past week just to mix it up I went back to using planer boards running them out much shorter then I normally do and only using 3 rods per side. Of the 6 rods, again most were out of the water more then they were in the water! Just a super Walleye bite with again super great charter guests. I am so blessed to have the most faithful, fun, and generous charter guests I think of any charter boat out there. Every day is like taking my best friends out fishing! Without the usual stress of “having to produce” I am having the most fun this year I think that I’ve ever had in my whole chartering career. Every day is GREAT!

I’m not in the habit of doing shout outs because I run so many trips and I truly love everyone but I will make another exception just as I did in last weeks report. Special thanks goes out this week to my long time running charter guest Chad from Iowa and all his buddies for choosing Trophy Charters for your fishing vacation! With a larger group then I can handle, I got Captain Rick Hildebrand of Tricky Rick Charters to be my second boat. Along with his first mate Mike Quigley, we all worked well together to deliver a couple of fabulous days, I mean “mornings” of fishing! Ha! With the tunes blasting, we rocked it out both fishing and at the after party back at the dock. A very fun couple of days! Thanks Ricky, Mike and especially to Chad and his whole group. Can’t wait to see all you guys again next year!

Weather again this past week was great all week except for Tuesday which was the red headed step child of the weather week. What a freakin windy day! What was supposed to be 2 to 4’s out of the southwest turned out to be almost straight westerly's and quickly building after our departure to easy 4 to 6 footers! Before the lake got out of hand, I had the wisdom or luck (not sure which) to crank it out west to Geneva and just troll east back towards Ashtabula Harbor. Even in the stout waves, fishing was a fire drill for us and we had our 30 Walleyes by the time we got close to safe harbor. Next day, a almost flat lake as was the rest of the week. Just a freak one day super windy day. Good old Lake Erie and “Just another morning on The Trophy”. Naw, I don’t like it. “JUST ANOTHER DAY ON THE TROPHY”! Yeah, that’s better! I guess after chanting that for 33 years straight I can’t simply change just because every Walleye in the lake now has a death wish! Lol!

Capt. Walt

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