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Fishing Report Posted: June 23, 2019

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 23, 2019 at 08:48:46:

A great week! We had mostly great lake conditions and totally great charter guests this past week. Special thanks goes out to Ron (from Wisconsin) and his group for choosing to spend their entire vacation week fishing everyday with me aboard THE TROPHY! The laughs and kidding back and fourth came about as fast as the bite for the Walleyes did! And as it has been all season thus far, fishing was just stupid fast and furious. Once again, trying to slow the action down even further so that we could all enjoy some more time on the water, I went as far as to never putting out any planer boards and only using 4 to 6 Dipsy Divers all week long. And I still failed miserably. We easily limited the boat out every day keeping my perfect string of Walleyes for all of my guests in tact and sadly (?) practically in new record time as well. Even though Iím trying my best to slow things down. Uncanny!

We had a real potpourri of different weather conditions all week this past week. Mostly all good though. We had one dead flat super foggy day. We had a dead flat hot sunny and super buggy day. We had a all day (all morning?) super soaker day on a flat lake. We even had one very rough day on Friday that challenged us and also gave us a chance to look at some new water. With a north wind, we took a long slow ride well north and set up further north then I have been so far all season. Again, it mattered little even out there. We were in 73 feet of water when we finally got started and we were immediately in good fish with the very first couple of Dipsy rods that we put out. Making a short troll south with the wind and waves to our backs, we had our 30 Walleyes easily before we ever hit 60 foot of water. That in itself being way deeper than where we fished all week long previously. And just as I have speculated and mentioned many times already this year, I donít think that there's anywhere that you can go right now where you canít catch these 4 year old Walleyes. They are just everywhere and thick as fleas!

We did manage to capture a few biggies this past week but the larger older Walleye have been few and far between lately. I shudder to think where we would all be if the spectacular hatch of 2015 hadnít happened! Pretty much out of business I figure! This past week we also handled a good many one year old (cigar sized) Walleyes along with some two year olds (12-13 inchers). The Dept. of Natural Resources still insists that last years hatch (2018) was by far the biggest, greatest hatch that they have ever accessed. Greater then 2015ís monster hatch, greater then their benchmark all time biggest hatch ever, the hatch of 2003 (I think 2015 was by far bigger myself). Weíll see. So far itís just been an occasional cigar sized fish here and there for us. Maybe because the zillions of four year olds arenít giving the youngsters a chance at the lure before they themselves gobble it up. My experience over the years however has been that they really donít start coming online and becoming a nuisance till their second year in the lake. We all still remember what we went thru in the summer of 2017 when all the nice fish that weíre catching today were mostly all throw backs. YIKES! Hundreds a day! I guess we will know next year if the 2018 hatch was as great as they are touting.

So we are entering the last week of June now. Weather appears to be showing signs of being more summer like with each passing day now. Finally is all I can say! This upcoming final week of June appears to be a good one thatís coming. I see some 80ís in the forecast and very manageable winds. I wouldnít bet my life on the forecast being right but one can only hope that we start seeing more pleasant days like that then the crap ones as the case has been so far this season. Itís good to know that we can go offshore now to catch fish if the need be. Even though no one really wants to. Marina fuel is holding steady at $4 bucks a gallon as it has been the entire season for us even though the price on the street is ticking downward. Oh the joys of having a large boat docked on the water with no other choice then to pay whatever fuel sells for on the water front! It would be OK with me if I fished a half mile offshore all year long. Even though I no there isnít a chance in the world that that will happen. For now though, barring those pesky north wind days, Iím enjoying the fuel savings, the savings of wear and tear on the equipment and not to mention the savings of wear and tear on my body. Life and fishing for now is good. Iím digging it!

Capt. Walt

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