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Fishing Report Posted: August 26, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 26, 2018 at 11:26:17:

Itís all about the wind. As I feared last weekend when I wrote my last fishing report, this past week turned out to be one windy son of a gun. Ugh! After a really decent June & July up here on the big pond this August has really proven to be a challenge for us. The wind really started getting out of hand on Tuesday when a super stiff south wind set in just ahead of a strong impending cold front. We fished anyway setting up short and just trolled north with the wind and waves. We easily caught our fish. But boy oh boy did we have a fun ride coming back home! Wednesday, forget it! The wind abruptly shifted northerly and cranked for almost 24 hours straight at sustained speeds of 25 mph to gusts of almost 40 mph! No chance of fishing at all for anyone as my lead off picture here illustrates. Just plain downright nasty! Thursday was quite harsh as well with left over big waves from the north from the day before and a stiff westerly wind that overtook the lake creating a crazy washing machine effect out there. But we managed to get back out there and we got our fish once again without much effort. Friday was supposed to be 2 ft. or less. Well, lets just say that they lied. And then on Saturday back to a horrendous stiff south wind and another horrible ride home. What a week!

Even the big winds and big waves have done little to slow down the incredible Walleye fishing that has been taking place this summer however. I remember in years past sometimes after a big blow like this it would take up to 3 days for things to return to normal. But not this time. Not this year. With the 1st day back out there and the 1st rod that we put in the water it was game back on like nothing ever happened! I honestly think if you could have been on a freighter Wednesday and somehow managed to go slow enough you could have pulled Dipsy Divers and caught limits of Walleyes in the 7 to 9 ft. waves that they called for out there and in reality probably even bigger that day! Just so many hungry Walleyes out there this year!

If the big blow on Wednesday did anything, I think it actually moved some of the fish back in closer! On Thursday and Friday both it seemed like the very best action was back to under the 10 mile mark. A welcome change after hanging out around 15 miles out. 5 miles may not sound like much but if its on top of going out 10 miles already, thatís a huge savings for us! Usually in September the fish start moving back in anyway. And even though we are only days away from September now, perhaps this past weeks blow will jump start the move of the fish back towards the south shore. Maybe even back as close in as they were for the longest time the last couple of months. That sure would cap off a already great year! Weíll see! Otherwise, nothing much else has changed. The bulk of the fish are still deeper as they have been now for a few weeks but there are so many fish out there that you can still get more then enough fish on the shallower sets as well. Aboard THE TROPHY we are still wire line free. I have never fished in August and not trolled wire fishing line. But between our Dipsy Divers and still the Jet Diver braid rods we have been able to easily still catch our limits each day. If we can catch fish on 150 ft. leads, you would have to be silly or a glutton for punishment to want to put out the 300 to 400 ft. of wire line! Yet there are a lot of guys doing it now. I say, have at it! Lol!

So this coming week is the last week of August. Next weekend is September already. My final month of chartering pretty much. It will pass quickly. As did August. As did this whole summer. It still remains to be seen if we can ride this tremendous high that we are on all the way to our final few charters. There is no sign that Perch fishing is going to be any good this fall. The few people that keep trying are failing miserably so it looks like we will probably be Walleye fishing right to the bitter end. That's OK by me I guess. Especially if the Walleyes move way back in again. It will be interesting to see how the end really does play out. Sadly for me the end for this year is plainly in site now.

Capt. Walt

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